How 'Bout Now?

by Voss

  • I call it an EP, but it's more like an album.
    Every track stands alone but works even better together with one another.

    Time to make a how 'bout now?

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I call it an EP, but it's more like an album.
Every track stands alone but works even better together with one another.

Time to make a how 'bout now?


released April 16, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ron Swerdon at Birthday Bot Studios
Photos and artwork by Greg Carreras



all rights reserved


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Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more

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Track Name: How 'Bout Now?
How 'bout now? (4x)

Like boom-bap, they askin' "who's that?"
Man I never left just got my groove back
Fuck just makin' this room clap
Security gon' have to tell me to move back
Can't be contained by the barricade
This ain't a serenade, it's a grenade, now lose that
smart ass grin 'fore you get your tooth cracked
Homie, I'm an OG in the shell of a new jack
Chew fat, break bread
and shoot the breeze with true emcees, hearin' what they said
Told me "either play dumb or play dead
'cause you don't wanna play a Britney for these K. Feds"
So I treat each smile like it's see through
Keep talkin' for a while and I'll read you
'Cause I seen every trick in the book
The least brave ones won't admit that they're shook
If your plan ain't ready, won't give it a look
Like "ain't no such thing as halfway cooked"
I can't take half baked handshakes
These damn snakes turn Ben Franklin to Anne Frank
Before I could settle the score
they was hidin' the green like there's feds at the door
And that's why I doin' this myself
Never moved a single unit from a shelf
I make sales Soundscan can't count, fam
The live show blows out amps without bands
It makes me wanna shout "Damn!
Why the fuck y'all put a lion around lambs?!?"
This herd of rappers is sacrificial
Let's see how far your little "swag" will get you
You ain't sellin' white or packin' pistols
You paid for them girls and that's a rental
The facts are simple
I can make fire with a pad and pencil
That's official like it had a whistle
Bitch I'm shinin', grab some tinsel
Till I'm a decorated vet
I'll be on the stairway to Heaven takin' steps
My impact ain't resonated yet
But it will, that's a promise, I never made a threat
The gimmick is: I ain't got none
I'm livin' this and I am not done
Speed limitless, not ridin' shotgun
Picture this, I'm drivin' off, son
(Sun's) gonna set on the horizon
I'm honestly tryin' to broaden and widen
So before the gap is closed
I'ma ride out far as this rap shit goes
Outlaw, back in the saddle
On a different path from the cattle
If knowin' is half of the battle
I just gotta act, the cage has been rattled
They call patience a virtue, but waiting will hurt you
My hustle ain't got a curfew
Spittin's the religion, made a devout vow
Time to make a move, so how 'bout now?
Track Name: Necessity
(hook 2x)
Was always taught to strive for it
Don't desire it, I require it
That's why I got this fire lit
Keep it burnin', what I need, I'm earnin'

Paint with blood on samples and beats
Sweatin' out bullets to handle the heat
Two tears drop and land on the sheet
Live skip-proof, can't allow my past to repeat
(I need) to fully realize my potential
This grind is essential but life's gettin' stressful
(I need) to stop puttin' toxins in my body
Get more rest to stop me from walkin' like a zombie
(I need) to make a resolution for my music's evolution
And stop makin' plans, then never do 'em
When shit gets confusin', the question of losin'
hits me so hard I'm left with contusions
(I need) to heal the bruises and keep it movin'
In order to keep improvin', I know what I need to do it
One clean shot when opportunity knocks
I'll open up, guns blazin', refusin' to stop

(hook 2x)

I know others do struggle too
But sympathy ain't the thing that we want from you
Try to separate needs from what I wanna do
As I hope this elevates to somethin' new
(I need) a challenge, a way to stay balanced
Keep integrity and get paid for my talent
(I need) a swift kick in the ass for motivation
How long is this gonna last? My hope is fadin'
(I need) loved ones to know I don't take 'em for granted
If that's how it seems, it ain't how I planned it
Hope they understand this is far from a dream
It's reality fallin' apart at the seams
(I need) to stop talkin' 'bout what I need
Go out and achieve, stop drownin' in greed
Make my parents proud of their seed
Like I ain't heard a single doubt I believed

(hook 2x)
Track Name: Stick and Move (ft. Blackwolf)
Me and Mike V rock the mic like "POW!"
We the type to keep you up all night like "wow!"
Get up pretty early tryna bite my style
Like "my child, you must be in denial"
Meanwhile, hand me a mic right now
Bend 'em right like we mighty, see
when V and I get up on the mic, we might be tight
because we write these writings slightly hype
like lightning strikes and they ignite thy crown
Deliverin' it right and they all fall down
Ashes to ashes and who's the boss now?
These bastards are better, West Chester's our town
Keep them lips tight, ya wanna run ya mouth
Arctic smooth and your crew's due south
So stick and move, quick pick ya route
Picture you givin' respect when you're in our house

(hook 2x)
Uh...stick and move
Stick, stick, stick and move
Stick, stick, stick, stick and move
So smooth, get into the heart of the groove, like...

Gimme that mic, fool! It's a full time jack move
Lemme just bless it like it "ah-choo"ed
Honey want me on her body like a tattoo
I don't slang girl, but I'll make that crack move
From the half moon to the full sun
Get out the way when the bulls run
Never pulled one punch that we threw
Feast on the beat, it's a luncheon for two
Uh...hip-hop's Turner and Hooch
But not a dog, just a wolf that'll murder ya pooch
No Vick, can't a jury dispute
That we so sick, leavin' germs in the booth
The epidemic can't be killed with disinfectant
All dues paid, you can't evict the tenants
We hear to stay, if you ain't get the message
We stick and then just keep movin', we do it like...

(hook 2x)

(Blackwolf and Voss)
Dismantle a page in a matter of minutes
And I'll rattle ya cage with my bottle of spirits
(And leave 'em broken on the ground, you ain't dope enough, you clown
I'ma smoke you like an ounce, y'all don't hold up to a pound)
'Cause when it comes to mixtapes, you ain't movin' weight
And you claim playin' game but ya came in late
(with no tardy pass for your lil' smarmy ass
Only buzz you gon' get's in your Bacardi flask)
Got a dope delivery and a hearty laugh
And you can hardly ask if they'll probably trash
(your crib, we stay leavin' house parties crashed
These kids don't play, this ain't arts and crafts)
Heart of rap, cardiac arrest the beat, lay it out
Leavin' bars bent like we're breakin' out
(So tell the warden, Alis to these Foremans
'Cause when we recordin' and we performin', we...)

(hook 2x)
Track Name: When Boredom Attacks
Well it's a Sunday afternoon
I'm feelin' like nothin', got a mundane attitude
Uh...grab a spoon, pout a bowl of Frosted Flakes
Breakfast at lunchtime and Voss is grrreat!
The life of a boss, it takes time to get used to
Watch every video I find up on YouTube
Thumbs are twiddlin', tryna think of somethin' interestin'
Sittin' in my crib listenin' to Minnie Riperton
("Looooooooovin' yoooooooooou is eaaaaaaaaaasy 'cause you're beautiful")
Yeah that's about my usual
Promised myself that I would exercise
But...nevermind, I guess I lied
And I'm too damn bored to be writin'
Besides, I can't make a song about boredom excitin'
Can I? Well maybe, but man, why?
Damn I...god DAMN I...

(hook 2x)
I-I-I don't know what to do today
I-I-I don't know what to do today
I-I-I don't know what to do today
I-I-I don't know what to do today
"I don't know what to do"

Man, life can be so blase
when it makes me stay in my PJ's all day
Walkin' 'round pacin', I need inspiration
But it ain't located in this plate of reheated bacon
Look at that! It's three in the mornin'
I should be recordin' or maybe peacefully snorin'
But so much for tryna accomplish that
See, I'm a very voluntary insomniac
Got some calls that I just ignored
Ya can't interrupt me while I'm watchin' my porn!
I'm honestly bored, but your dude isn't stressin'
I'ma add some gigabytes to my music collection
I ain't sad at all, why sit and brood in sorrow?
After all, I ain't got shit to do tomorrow
So I'll rinse and repeat, but first I'll get me a sheet
and pen a little diddy I'ma spit to this beat, it goes...

(hook 2x)

(bridge 2x)
When boredom attacks
I just let it run its course and relax
I ain't ever too bored to be writin'
I just made a song about boredom excitin'!


(hook 2x)
Track Name: Cage the Beast (ft. Reese)
You had your back against the wall, right?
Just wanted extra cash so you could ball, right?
Moved from the crack up to the raw white
Now you movin' them packages like all night
Well all right, Frank Lucas of the block now
They don't move they jaws right, shoot 'em with the glock now
Top down, used to use a hooptie
Now you let the cake stack till you cop a Maybach
Uzi in the army jacket linin'
Knowin' none of these monkeys got the heart to scrap with lions
So you a leader, huh? Fuck la policia
Got a goon squad who all would gladly bleed for ya
Pushin' that Peruvian magic
Wardrobe cut from the newest, smoothest of fabrics
Paid for by your community's habits
But ask yourself...really, who is the addict?
A side hustle's now your whole entire lifestyle
Got a child comin' from the hole inside the Lifestyles
Right now you might be livin' lavishly
But when that kid you're havin' becomes real, then get back to me

(hook - Reese and Voss)
It's all fallin' down I-I know it
When no one's around, that's when I show it
Planted a seed with nowhere to grow it
Tried to cage the beast but I can't control it
It's all fallin' down and-and you know it
When no one's around, that's when you show it
Planted a seed with nowhere to grow it
Tried to cage the beast but you can't control it

It's been a long time comin' and I've just begun
I'm tryna take the bakery, fuck the crumbs
Life under the gun made me what I've become
I got 99 problems but money ain't one
I've paid my dues and I've earned my respect
The past frayed my fuse so I burned my regrets
Erased a few and reversed all the rest
They said "stay in school", what I learned from a test?
Nothin'...I'll tell ya somethin' 'bout life in the lane
My whip game made 'em bitchmade like a sex change
Flip 'caine to get paid, fuck havin' remorse
I toss bricks 'cause I know my click's grabbin' the boards
But...I feel like I fell victim to my ego
Brang the bacon but aggravated my team, though
One on the way, I'm tryna watch my seed grow
Wishin' I could rewind the time like TiVo
Palms are sweaty and my nails are short
Shakin', waitin' for them to ram the door
I could be in cuffs any second now
Settle down and take a deep breath and try to cage the beast


The game is a beast
You coulda caged it, tamed it at least
But ya kept givin' it invitations to feast
And now you're upstate till the day you're deceased
Now just think, you built this house from bricks
Ain't it funny how it's bein' brought down by pigs?
All that huffin' and puffin', all the hustlin' for nothin'
A wolf in sheep's clothes let all them secrets go
And you didn't even know...envy is a bitch
Same ends that made you rich turned a friend into a snitch
You already seen the verdict
Pumpin' all that base (bass) of course the wrong people heard it
Perfect example of boys tryna be men
Whippin' 'round the BM, ain't thinkin' bout ya BM
See, then next thing you know, you assed out
Gettin' caught pitchin' rocks in a glass house
Ceiling was set for your seed and you knew it
Gon' be a chip off the ol' block you polluted
Heir to what throne? You cursed your son
to be eaten by the same beast you were birthed from.
Track Name: The Newest (ft. Me and This Army)
And I'm back like quarter, so in the pocket when I rock it
Playaction, they askin' "when's he gonna stop it?"
Just drop it like a fumble, never slip and never stumble
Beast inside the jungle, I call it like Bryant Gumbel
The winner is me, no need for a drumroll
This is my Royal Rumble, turn y'all boys to gumbo
For actin' gung ho till I actually rap
And after the fact, you askin' the cat "where'd my tongue go?"
Well first, find some goddamn manners
I make each show a full house...Danny Tanner
Stand by my crew, I know family matters
In a different world than you lil' pansy actors
Candy rappers try feedin' me bars
Makes me wanna snicker at how sweet that they are
Hungry for more and it ain't gonna be a while
Grab the mic to satisfy my appetite, I need it now

(hook - Me and This Army and Voss)
We do what we came to do when we came to do it
(Whatchu lookin' at stupid?)
If you wanted something new then we got the newest
(Ain't nothin' like makin' music)
We do what we came to do when we came to do it
(Whatchu lookin' at stupid?)
If you wanted something new then we got the newest
(This is a movement)

Holy fuckin' shit! This track from $w3@rw*rd
made me wanna rip it right down to its bare nerves
So we doin' what needs to get done
You and what army could take on me and this one?
I get sprung off the snare and the kick drum
Contagious bass hits, beware, you'll get sick from
what I spit, son, saliva's contaminated
Never drawin' but the rhymin' is animated
Man I made it so abundantly clear
Put the bug in ya ear, we gon' run it this year
There's nothin' to thought that was scary?
Fall back, I'm just battlin' imaginary adversaries
Since real competition doesn't exist
I can't name names in none of my shit
Son of a bitch! Ya boy's comin' equipped
with my nuts in my grip and a bucket of spit
Who want a wet T shirt? I'll go for hours
24 karat flow, call it golden showers
R. Kelly ya mindstate, why tell you that I'm great?
Y'all like porn stars gettin' set up for blind dates
Ya didn't see me comin'...believe it cousin
Mr. V ain't bluffin', ain't no future I can see in frontin'
I'm an MC of a different breed
Think not? Kick rocks and go listen to Creed

(hook 2x)

(Me and This Army)
We do what we came to do when we came to do it
If you wanted something new then we got the newest
We...oh sorry.
Track Name: Miss Teflon
She's the type to make you wanna get an upgrade
She's the type to turn a baller into chump change
She's the type of stone that keeps rollin'
No time to put your number in the phone that she's holdin'
But if you get hers, better make it vibrate
'Cause she ain't gonna read your messages on MySpace
And she ain't fuckin' around with Facebook
No picture does justice to how her face looks
You need proof though, see it to believe it
To be truthful, you won't believe it when you see it
She's too cold, got you freezin' while you're speakin'
But her body language got you heated, got you geekin'
She is baaad, I mean bad, homie
I promise that on my mom and dad, homie
How could a chick that fine be that lonely?
All I know is what her pretty little mask shows me

(hook 2x)
She got skin made of teflon
and heels that don't stop movin'
And she got a Kevlar dress on
and you ain't gonna get a shot through it, boy

She's the type to have a drink in her car, uh
She's the type that you would think is a star, uh
She's the type you give a wink from afar
And the type you want to join you when you sit at the bar
Keeps her tips in a jar and her heart in a safe
Made just to fit it like a guitar in its case
It's hard to replace what once flied free
The songs these dudes sing her ain't in the right key
But every good boy does fine
And every bad boy does better
Before the morning after sunshine
they already wrote a love letter
Like "baby, I love how all your kisses are breathless
And baby, I wanna get you some breakfast
And baby, I don't wanna ever forget this"
But she's gone before they can deliver the message 'cause...

(hook 2x)

She's the type that runs on a different type of blood
She's the type that falls in a different type of love
She's the type that ain't got a type
Just lookin' for a reason to get lost tonight
Still, she plays it off like it's all cool
Settin' that body down on a bar stool
Honestly, I think you're tryin' too hard, fool
Settin' bait ain't gonna get her in your car pool
Dog, you need to listen better, 'cause
you spit all the game a man can spit, and
I guarantee that if you get her
You wouldn't know how to handle it
She hangs out past closing time
Takin' shots in the dark, searchin' for a home to find
And no matter what front door she walks though
Miss Teflon just needs someone to talk to.
Track Name: Soak It In
First lightning struck
Twice at once, it might be luck
Then our line was cut by flying sparks
Inside the dark and our eyes were shut
Grew closer each night we touched
Which might be 'cause your grip tightened up
Fight and fuck, hate and love
Bite my tongue, taste my blood
Babydoll, take it all
Ain't nobody gon' break your fall
Trust ain't involved, only chances
We had one too many last dances
Truthfully, it ain't how it used to be
Thanks to my interest's truancy
Built it up, burned it down
Filled the cup, slurped it out
Curtain's down, the show's over
Buzz is gone, we're stone sober
Drenched by her melted cold shoulder
So I rolled over and told her...

(hook - Cold War Kids and Voss)
"Now hang me up to dry
You've rung me out too, too, too many times
Now hang me up to dry
I'm pearly like the white wh-whites of your eyes"

And when I look into your iris
I wonder why you even tried this
Ripped your heart out through your eyelids
Drippin' blood with nothing to dry it (repeat)

(schizophrenic bridge)

Honestly, I got scared
Didn't mean to put you in my crosshairs
Takin' aim without knowin' it
Too grown for this game of blame
Babydoll, it ain't your fault
Take my thoughts with grains of salt
and heal the cuts, seal 'em up
Happiness ain't something you feel enough
You live with struggle, an open journal
I'm in my bubble, I closed the circle
Won't open yet, don't hold your breath
I wasn't thinkin' when I wrote them checks
So I bounced, gave you no regrets
Forgive me, I'll get my clothes and jet
So the stress left her soaked in sweat
She turned to me with lost hope and said...


Why'd you even try this?
Ripped your heart out through your eyelids
But that's the beast that I lie with
Now, now...

"Now hang me up to dry
I'm pearly like the white wh-whites of your eyes"
Track Name: Now.
Wish I could write a love song for all those I done wrong
Take it back to the moment that we touched palms
I know it's hard to keep on with the trust gone
But you can't feel nothin' with gloves on
Life's a bare knuckle box of chocolates
Heart shaped, with ribbons all across it, right?
But when you get through that packagin'
and see what it has within, it ain't that saccharine
This ain't a sugar high that I'm masterin'
Walk straight, never took my eyes off of practicin'
But now I feel it in my abdomen
Been there, done that, I ain't goin' back again
Move forward one step at a time
But there ain't much patience left in my mind
I'd tell the Divine to send me a sign
But I'm more natural selection than intelligent design
Like why'd he have to catch a shell up in his spine?
How come the tumors she developed weren't benign?
Why do I keep tellin' 'em I'm fine
when I should just admit this closet full of skeletons is mine?
They haunt my dreams with their silhouettes
Too often, turnin', tossin', I can feel regret
Take a breath, them demons ain't killed me yet
There's not much I still respect, but...

(hook 1) (2x)
There's no time like the one we live in
The past is a prison cell I don't wanna sit in
Wishin' I knew the consequences of unjust decisions
On a mission till my trust is forgiven

Ever since I got infected
with this bug that injected this urge to be respected
for what I write, some of my friendships been neglected
and no matter I got, I cannot just accept it
Try to find contentment before my life's over
I know I ain't met an iota of my quota
Set the bar with many more to get past
And I'm too steadfast to take steps back
Since birth, went for first but could be dead last
So I protect that doubt with a fresh mask
Thought I'd shed it back when I was seventeen
But I still needed to shield from what I'd never seen
Tryna catch a dream straight out of a fairy tale
Claim I fear nothin' but I'm so fuckin' scared I'll fail
No direction and can't confess that I'm powerless
to take back my fake acts of cowardice
My insecurities could murder me
and my past dishonesty could conquer me
Like "liar liar, bridges on fire"
And I ain't the only one singed from the ire
I'm sick and I'm tired of puttin' up a front
I just hope you listened to my shit and took it how you want
To be blunt, in my entire life
I ain't never been more genuine than when I'm behind a mic
The vulnerability left this soul instilled in me
Feel blessed by whatever kept the stress from killin' me
But my teeth are too short to eat with God
And I know She can't help me beat the odds
So I live on stage till my curtain call
Sharin' my hurt with y'all and won't divert at all
If you relate to what you heard in my verses
then we on the same search for a purpose
Show our flaws as imperfectly perfect
Each scar's a reminder to learn it was worth it

(hook 2) (2x)
There's no time like the one we live in
The future is a wishing well that can change tradition
I've come to grips and I'm thankful for what's been given
Find a gift in the ears of everyone that listens

(hook 1)

(hook 2)

Everyone that listens now
Everyone that listens now

Listen now