Work Ethics

by Voss

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If you donate at least $5.00 when you name your own price to download this mixtape, you will receive a bonus .zip folder full of over 20 bonus Voss tracks and collabs!

Put in work.

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released May 8, 2011

Recorded and mixed by Blackwolf at Birthday Bot Studios
Front and back photos by Joe Reese
Artwork by Greg Carreras



all rights reserved


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Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more

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Track Name: Don't Bother
My pen's arsenic filled
Scrawny, but y'all don't want no parts of this still
Ain't no love fool, get your cardigan grilled
Speak flame but I'm cooler than the arctic wind chill
Ew...every single bar I spit's ill
Look sickly 'cause I been starved for this meal
This is for my dudes who smart with thin builds
All I'm really tryna do is party with Bill
Anyone...Clinton, Cosby, Gates and um...
Anybody gettin' money or who likes makin' some
Drink Jamaican rum till my face is numb
But Red Stripe's the best type, got my head right
Then I get hype and kill it dead like
Col. Mustard in the dining room with the lead pipe

(hook 2x)
I dunno why y'all tryna rap, I dunno why y'all try

Word vertical, these coochie herbs cervical
I'm sayin' prose that's fatal blows, my verse terminal
Death is eminent, respect the set I represent
Collectin' presidents to get my rent and y'all won't get a cent
Stockpilin' paper I ain't never spent
Steal drinks you buy for chickens when I'm gettin' bent
Hit me with your best shot, it ain't left a dent
Bring hellfire from my chest but yet it's heaven-sent I'm blessed by the Gods
Through the devil's mirage, soul espionage
Uh...the best in your squad ain't better than Voss
Forever a boss, makin' money, gettin' applause
And notoriety, no denyin' V
They say I'm "weak" then they bitin' me...oh the irony!
Y'all garden variety, need to just stop
I'm cream of the crop, no matter how hard that you try to be

(hook 4x)

Every single line I chronicle is sick and diabolical
Try and find a doctor to put me inside a hospital
I been climbin' obstacles, my shine will blind your opticals
Really, the ability to rhyme's inside my follicles
Born and bred, I got supporters spread
All around, bumpin' Redman, Zeppelin and Portishead
'Bout my bread so my mouth is fed
If they sleep, have 'em jumpin' out the bed like they found a dead stallion head
Godfather status, y'all gotta practice
I'll snuff Atlas and knock the globe off its axis
Real rap is hard to find like an Amish whore
Too many dick eaters...cockivores
What you never saw before, pick ya jaw up off the floor
Mwah...magnifique, I'm a rawness connoisseur
Bonjour, monsieur, I'm not sure
What you ridin' my jock for like it's a longboard
Got your birdie's eye on me...condor
Made her twat sore, bombin' shit like the 'Nam war
But I'm from Pennsylvania, on my best behavior
Don't give a "F" and I never get a failure
Think not? Cool, I won't Christian Bale ya
Tell a hater "catch ya later" as I grab my genitalia and I'm gone...

(hook 8x)
Track Name: Hands To The Clouds
Why y'all just standin' around?
To every single man in the crowd
and the women and children
If you gettin' that feelin'
Put your fingers to ceiling and your hands to the clouds!

Arms up when I rock the rhythm
Got me a leg up on the competition
Tell 'em get they bars up or they should not be spittin'
'Cause uh...heads up, I will not be quittin'
Any time soon, give this guy room
I zoom by you like "vrooom...BYE DOODS"
My tunes got the force of a typhoon
Sharpshootin' speech, meet me at high noon
What you guys doin'? Tryna top the charts?
You're off the mark, got the brains but ain't got the heart
Half of this is business but y'all forgot the art
Rappers who claim they don't write should probably start
Just a word of advice
Put in work or you might not deserve to be hyped
I turn so called "beasts" into scurryin' mice
I'm vicious, they side dishes...serve 'em with rice
All the words y'all head me recite
I treat like the best damn verse of my life
So if I don't come off perfectly nice
My last name ain't Voss and my first isn't Mike
It's like that y'all, it's like that y'all
The bars shuttin' it down like it's last call
If you show me love then I'ma show it back, y'all
Ride with me while I'm layin' these tracks, y'all

(hook 2x)

They sayin' all I rap about is rappin'
Homie, this my life, I just rap about what happens
This ain't even rap now, half of 'em is actin'
Might play the wing but I'm actually the captain
D.I.Y. guy, yeeain't gotta give a hand
Earnin' every single fan, never been a sycophant
I don't give a damn if they bitch and rant
They just mad that I'm doin' what the critics can't
Kick rocks 'fore I kick your can
Return your approval, I don't need to get a stamp
Listen fam...nah, I shouldn't use the term
To be called that's really something you should earn
Far as me and my crew's concerned
Guess what? We next up, you 'bout to lose your turn
Do not pass go, this is our Monopoly
Honestly the whole globe oughta be our property
So don't you even talk to me
Unless you truthfully got opportunities to offer me
Or some gwap for me, yeah my talent cost a fee
I know emcees in poverty ain't an anomaly
Just tryna get paid for what I love to do
'Cause bein' broke's makin' me uncomfortable
Listen what I'm sayin' dog, because it's true
If you supportin' then lemme give it up for you

(hook 8x)
Track Name: 2Die4
Risin' up out the catacombs
Field trippin' to the throne with no chaperone
So while you blowin' C-notes like a saxophone
I'ma make you wish you left that girlfriend back at home
Chillin' with a freak that's the baddest known
Tits was dope but I was sprung off her ass alone
And honestly, I ain't even have to bone
The head was outta this world...Astro Dome
Uh...this is more than just braggin', holmes
My punchlines crush spines and shatter bones
Lone Ranger, most these other rappers clones
Watch the cattle roam, round 'em up when my lasso's thrown
This asshole's known to drop shit
That's toxic, obnoxious, stop it, I got this
Hock spit hot shit, bet on me like a stock tip
Get off my cock, bitch...lay the smack down on some Rock shit
Eyebrow raised, the people's champ
Your lady sayin' she don't really need a tramp
Got the pussy drownin' but with you that thing ain't even damp
Get it? To send a message I don't even need a stamp
Or an envelope, these dudes not as dope
Laughin' at 'em while cats are actin' like they ain't got the joke
They bi-products of when the condom broke
To be quite honest, I shoulda left 'em in they momma's throat
Right now the game's fucked like it dropped the soap
But still I got the hope of an Obama quote
Rock the vote, chief of staff, chiefin' mad ganja smoke
That got me feelin' wavy like "bitch I'm on a boat!"
Am I stoppin'? Nope...ain't happenin'
Every line Voss has wrote considered 'caine traffickin'
Make 'em fiend, the rhyme scheme's clean
But the style so dirty better get some Ajax for him
Still the residue's left for you to remember who's
So sick you can catch a flu
One man wrecking crew, lotta work left to do
Nothing comes before V, not even the letter U
Killed it and ain't left a clue, never apprehended
Savin' all my revenue, still I haven't spent it
Collectin' cash or credit, either way you can forget it
I'ma stretch it like it's about to be playin' in the seventh
Inning and I'm winnin' so just listen, don't ignore Voss
If you do, that's your loss, I'll kick the fuckin' door off
The hinges, yeah I did it 'cause I gotta get inside
Flow is like syringes full of fuckin' pesticiiiiiiiiiiiide
Uh...I don't know while y'all ever tried
Just invented lies: fake jewels and rented rides
This ain't a game, I can't be Jeopardized
What is a beast that kills till nothing's left alive?
I'll take "me" for $500
...thou, wow! Money pile, I'm keepin' mine comin'
Feedin' my stomach till I'm reachin' my summit
If success is a drug, believe I'll die from it.
Track Name: Greenhearted (Ulysses)
What it look like, chief?
He'd lay you to rest for a good night's sleep
Lyin' in bed, demons inside of his head
With eyes that's as red as what Suge Knight bleeds
Uh...such a deep burgundy
Let the career commit sleep burglary
Charge batteries, program circuitry
And feed the machine that runs off currency
Remember when he used to feel inspired?
Forgettin' it the minute he was hired
It's irrelevant, I'm preachin' to the choir
He's just lookin' for a reason to be fired
Hedonistic liar, feedin' his desires
At least what the sellers feedin' to the buyers
Extension of the American legend
Trade self-expression for benefits and a pension
Get a new whip, drive by his daughter's friends in
A desperate attempt to impress 'em
His attention's all on possessions
Pretendin' otherwise when in confession
Shirt pressed, tie tied, shoes clean
Hurt, stress, pride dies, routine
Redundant...the smell of bullshit is pungent
They shove it down his gullet till he loves it
Just movin' with the puppeteer
Another day, week, month and another year
TV won't tell him why the fuck he's here
Sittin' in the living room, chuggin' on another beer
Addiction passed on into him
Spends weekends with Jack, Johnny and Jim
Hungover in church, tryna hold in a smirk
Sold his soul for some dirt like he don't know what it's worth
Gettin' a promotion in a week
New title, same pay so it's bittersweet
And times are sour, climb the tower
And find some power after her bridal shower
But before his final hour
Better hope he catch a whiff walkin' by the flowers
No time for a bouquet today
Which restaurant got the best creme brulee?
Let's celebrate, it's date night
He got the reservations made, right?
Believe 'fore they restin' in they grave sites
They gon' find out just what expensive tastes like
Now he's starin' through a wine glass
At the hostess, with her fine ass
And it ain't even make the wife mad
She's checkin' out the waiter like she want the pipe bad
You ever feel you been hoodwinked?
Feel the opening on your noose shrink?
The higher ups all had a group think
Now he got two weeks off and a new shrink
What you see when you lookin' at that Rorschach?
You see a man or a motherfuckin' doormat?
Got him on an internal warpath
He can hear the walls and the ceiling and the floor laugh
Like "ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa"
It ain't that bad when you watchin' from afar
But up close, look into his iris
It's a lot uglier when you seein' it like this
He wanna put the pistol to his temple
But plain and simple, he's already lifeless
Wife is sleepin' in the other room
And he ain't made her cum since the honeymoon
But his neighbor did, and his brother too
Cheatin' witch made him wish that he never jumped the broom
And upstairs, straight from her womb
Is a ball of teenage hormonal fuckin' gloom
She ain't spoke to him in eight days
Her love's gone but the hate stays
He's embarrassing, too damn straitlaced
His type only got one thing they chase
So he gets out his wallet and looks Ulysses S. Grant straight in his grey face

"Nobody loves's true
Not like you do
Nobody loves's true
Not like you do"

Nobody loves me...
Nobody loves me...
Nobody loves's true
Not like you do...
Track Name: The Man Behind The Curtain
Notice how he's thinkin' bout his statements while he say 'em
But he don't do this for your validation
Just to bring his thoughts together...amalgamation
Aight I'm playin', switch out the third person
Open up the curtain and get these words workin'
Herb burnin'...booze sippin'
Around the trigger finger is a blue ribbon
Just to remind him he been truth spittin'
Ever since Jigga was flowin' like the Fu-Schnikens
Ha...even if it was before his time
Skin as white as snorted lines, style like frightened porcupines
That's on point, be sure that I'm immortalized
Recalling Jordan's prime if he recorded rhymes
And the court was the booth
Mentally a vet but he's short in the tooth
Physically, no ignorin' his youth
But he do it differently and what's pourin' out his pores is the proof
Sweatin' flair, now answer the questionnaire
Who's the debonaire peckerwood gettin' stares?
Followed by respect or fear 'cause he's never scared
The illest speakin' till he's breathin' Heaven's air
Hope gives the reason that he gets prepared
Right now I may still be dreamin' but I'm gettin' there
So get aware...
Track Name: Get Down! ft. Reese, Vibe Leviathan & Tizzer
Mike Voss get loose
More punch than a fist to the tooth
Get in the booth and I give you the truth
Like right now I'm fuckin' up my liver with Goose
"Yeah right!" Aight, Banker's Club
Pinch pennies but I ain't a scrub
TLC: True and Livin'
Champion on a ruthless mission
Use the rhythm as my tool to get in
Your ear canal, can you hear me now?!?
You should listen to the dude that's spittin'
Can't see me, lose your vision
Off the top, my roof is missin'
Make crack but don't use the kitchen, y'all booty kissin'
Say you go hard but the proof is missin'
You "Candy Girl" sweet...New Edition
You know, them dudes with Bivens,
Bell and Devoe, you can tell that the flow is
"Poison"...track destroyin'
Do it big, these raps are roidin'
Rage on a beat, no cagin' the beast
With your dame in the sheets, tastin' the skeet
To make it complete: I'm the best out
Makin' a fresh sound whenever I "get down!"

Peace, punch, Captain Crunch
I'll knock your books on the ground and snatch your lunch
Brute force bars that'll pack a punch
I'll flip a flow on its back, leave it smashed to dust
And then bag it up, I'm ravenous
You better have back up if you scrap with us
You ain't stackin' up, you just a buncha fools
So you suckers get schooled like the Magic Bus
Shack me up? C'mon and try it
I'll start a riot...Attica
I got lil' somethin' somethin' if you actin' up
I ain't talkin' Christmas when I crack your nut, what?!?
2010 was the year of the dragon
I fireballed y'all, you were seared to the mattress
Sleep, while I break careers into fractions
Bearded assassin, fear to the masses
Clear out ya cabinets, kickin' in ya door
Waka Flocka adlibs, Prisoner Of War
POW! Hit stick, breakin' bitches down
Pickin' up the fumble as I take it to the house

(Vibe Leviathan)
Step in the spotlight, drunk and rude
Amps in the front, funk punchin' through
Girls with the troubled minds see me rap double time
And get to wonderin' what else the tongue can do
Um...I came to party
Your girl was lookin' at me
She said "I love the hook on 'Ivy'
and the way you shuffle them crooked ass feet"
I said "shit, I dunno how it might look
to you, but trust me...I ain't got a right foot"
Nice looks on the offer, darlin'
"But Viiiibe I thought you get down?!?"
Did I say that? I meant sit down
Smoke a spliff, play Smash and watch sitcoms
Now...if you're down for that
I can pull the stationwagon 'round the back
Lookin' at me like I'm a clown to laugh at
She pounded that ounce of Jack down the hatch and
Goddamn I ain't fakin' with it now
She told she thought it was time to take it to the house

Lemme set it straight, four greats in your face
Same pace when we get up on the track it is flames, Flocka!
All that squawkin'? Better rest that, rest that
I will put a 1-2 combo where ya breast at
Shawtown assassin, I be where the nest at
Birds start flockin' on my head like a bed cap
Swagger of a Panther, I'm an NFL cat
Waitin' for my money to come in like a Pell grant
The team is a machine, CnC is the movement
Kick us into gear, won't be able to see us movin'
Ya career like music, no control, ya losin'
Shouts to Missy, I'm tipsy, a lil' pissy
Four Loko in me, my nigga I'm gettin' busy
Run the city like Diddy till my piddies feelin' shitty
I'm dizzy...head spinnin' and my mind is in a tizzy
And wake up to a female callin' me "Tizzy"? YEE!
I get super duper stupid with it
But I stay on key, young boy, don't you forget it
Reality, I'm what the hype's all about
T-I-Z, 302, watch me take it to the house

Track Name: Off the Deep End ft. Buckfive-O
I'ma dive in now, sharper than a jackknife
And my splash might just wipe ya out
Doubt y'all can match the speed Voss is travelin'
Y'all are average, just doggie paddlin'
Movin' in circles like fish in a bowl
I ain't remotely like that, the kid's in control
Can't change the channel that I'm swimmin' in, so
I live for my goals, gettin' the gold
Givin' my soul to figure out this rigamarole
Spit it slick, he got that Mississippi River-ish flow
Ain't swimmin' with those fraud ass sharks
Every word comin' from my jaws has heart
Rappers start tryin' him? That's when I Poseidon 'em
Shake 'em up then ate 'em up like Leviathan
Loch Ness of this hip-hop, yes
When you hear my quotes you gon' need a life boat
It gets DEEP!

(hook - Buckfive-O and Voss) (2x)
Heat up the flow till it makes steam
Below sea level or the mainstream
Ha...I guess it all depends
Play around and you'll fall off the deep end

Up shit's creek, no paddle, battle me bruh
They bottled up, tappin'...label it "Aquafina"
Might need a life jacket, on the track white water raftin'
Broadcastin' live from the Caspian sea
Me and Voss kinda think alike, spittin' like
We synchronized swimmin', this is my Olympics
I'm a gold medalist, cry me a river, you're a loser
My typhoon might consume ya
Wash 'em away
My lyricism is a broke faucet drippin' all damn day
Never slippin' like the guy on that "wet floor" sign
Transform the rhyme like water into wine
Every line, so I never get bit by piranhas
Nitwit, lemme see y'all fish, my persona is
Aquaman, Buckfive-O
Got a flow like H-2-Oxygen, riiight?

(hook 4x)
Track Name: Rings of Saturn
I feel like for every one that's proud of me
There's at least three more doubtin' me
And for everyone that'd vouch for me
There's at least three more who have it out for me
Got this bird on my arm...falconry
Her name's Valerie and she brought an ounce of tree
That's about to be burned like some calories
Until we higher than the muhfuckin' balcony
Funny how she's gettin' open like a Swisher Sweet
Only fill it with that good shit in the sheets
Now her girls like "OMG, dish the deetz!"
Make sure she finish so she didn't leave incomplete
It's a feat not all men can accomplish
She always sayin' "it's authentic, I promise!"
But when her boyfriend'll hit it
She give him fake O's like a bootleg Orioles fitted
How she's talkin' dirty is Oscar worthy
And if she's hurtin' him, she could probably hurt me
If you ain't honest, surely you do not deserve me
Had her gone in a flash, watch the birdie
Hit the road, they sayin' that I'm gettin' cold
I say I'm gettin' old, just payin' wisdom's toll
Sit back and puff a cig, bumpin' B.I.G.
Thinkin' "damn, these younger kids will never underdig"
Whippersnappers...this ain't how I pictured rappers
They rock a corny uniform and they think it's swagger?
Think they fashion models, think they actors least they givin' me the gift of laughter
We in the same book but I'm on a different chapter
A young buck with an OG's thinking patterns
The planet's mine and my circle's...rings of Saturn
Livin' as if everything else didn't matter
Track Name: Four Letter Words ft. sHERBS & Teddy Bigglesworth
Once upon a time, just a guy up on my grind
Caught a glimpse from behind and stopped on a dime
Told her she was fine and asked if she had time
Then took her to my spot, yeah I hopped on a dime
The days got to passin' and the sex turned to passion
She said she'd say "yes" if I ever got to askin'
So I did and we decided it was ride or die
Bought her those stilettos, thought it'd help us to see eye to eye
But everything ain't la-di-da, we're arguin' already
How are things so shaky, we just started goin' steady?
Shoulda been a fairy tale, carriage and a castle
Thought it'd end in marriage, not you leavin' with that asshole
Shoulda seen it comin', y'all were runnin' 'round behind my back
You just gave up everything we had, I hope you're fine with that
'Cause I was thinkin' 'bout ringin' ya finger
But now, all I wanna do is ring ya neck

Four letter words, yeah we said some
First the "L" one, then the "F" one
And the "S" one, you know the rest, son
All I want is peace and quiet but I get none
Four letter words, yeah we said some
First the "L" one, then the "F" one
Turn that white wine into red rum
Wish I never heard those four letter words

(Teddy Bigglesworth)
I'm with shorty, preppin' for good lovin'
My phone rings, sure that it ain't nothin'...I mute it quickly
Can't be reached, a nigga is out on sick leave
High as hell, twistin' a couple middies
See it be the middle of the night and I'm tryna sneak me a quickie
Denied, wifey watchin' "Sex and The City"...I shoulda known
I grip the phone, "missed calls from Vanessa"
The one that got away, I wonder what she gotta say
She in town an hour before her flight leaves
She wanna meet and grab a bite to eat
I shoulda told her "nah I'm in the middle of a sleep"
But I got dressed, I'm ready for a creep...I can't believe it
Mind's clutterin', wonderin' what she want from me
To put it blunt, she loved it when she would fuck with me
Now I'm at the spot, think of my girl cuddlin'
Turn around 'cause I don't need the trouble...don't need the trouble...


She fix me up a chicken dinner
But she start cluckin' once she get some liquor in her
Who you tryna argue with? I need Tylenol for this
Fuck a gynecologist, you need a psychologist
Eatin' junk food to make ya ass fatter
Then you lose the weight stressin', that's ass backwards
Now she call me shallow, like "why's that matter?!?"
Throw a bottle, I duck and hear the glass shatter
Got me mad at her, throwin' off a mack's swagger
We have anger and pain where we would have laughter
Got me actin' insane like I'm the Mad Hatter
Make an English major use bad grammar, like
How the FUCK is you gon' say them words to me?
Treatin' white lies like I committed perjury
Fix your insecurities, if that's ever possible
Or the only way I'll be committed's to a fuckin' mental hospital

Four letter words, yeah we said some
First the "L" one, then the "F" one
And the "S" one, you know the rest, son
All I want is peace and quiet but I get drums
Four letter words, yeah we said some
First the "L" one, then the "F" one
Turn that white wine into red rum
Wish I never heard, never heard, never heard...

Now kitty got her claws out
Try to heat her up, hopin' that she thaw out
Through the winter, spring, summer and the fall out
Four letter words, go on, spit 'em all out
Track Name: Good v. Powers ft. M.D. Psycoanalyst
(M.D. Psycoanalyst a.k.a. "Adam Good")
Order in the court! One side of justice
Judge, it's time to end all the ruckus
'Cause this bastard's a menace to society
Corrupting all the youths with obscenities and impiety
Media monsters, hidin' behind cameras
Pollutin' all the airwaves with improper propaganda
My little cousin doesn't even know his grammar
But he's sittin' in the slammer 'cause he shot somebody's grandma
Why did he do it? Well he said he needed dollars
Learned it all from Grand Theft Auto, don't you think that it's a problem?
My little niece said she was gonna shop for candy
Then she came back three months pregnant, motherfucker this ain't dandy
Where's the humanity? I'll never have a child
I don't wanna see her titties when those bitches go wild
And I beg the jury, please give us our reparations
Lest these problems keep compounding and consume the entire nation

(Voss a.k.a. "Jack Powers")
Alright, Mr. Good, now listen good
It's quite clear you're not right here...I don't think you should
jump to such conclusions, there's nothin' that you're provin'
Your whole argument's assumptions and confusion
Whinin' 'bout your cousin and the rogue he's become
When you should find out who sold him a gun
Start holdin' your tongue before givin' me blame
Don't you see the age ratings on our video games?
This is insane...far as your niece's pregnancy
She'd use better discretion if she had some better P-
A-R-E-N-T-S, please get
a clue as to who is truly spewin' B.S.
It's not me, all dirt I'm absolved from
You scared to have kids? That's a personal problem
Your honor, he's lyin' to your face
The media's just a reflection of society's mistakes
Track Name: Home Sweet Home
It's so good to be back
Like I never left, well I wouldn't in fact
To all the clownshoes who said I shouldn't have rapped
Damn, I'm good at this, wouldja lookie at that?
Oh...did I say "good"? 'Cause I meant "great"
Never been fake, hold up my friend, wait
There's somethin' that I gotta get straight
My template ain't nothin' like what the rest make
Stand out and shine bright like a night light
Ain't that right, Mike? "yeeeeeeeeeah babe" from the king
Win prize fights with no sign of a ring
Ooh...goddamn, this ain't even fair
I'm blackin' out fam, think I need some air
Put this in your iPod and keep it there
If not, I don't really care, in my easy chair
With my feet up, please just try to keep up
We soundtrack ya life, y'all need us
Huh...homie spark some weed up
I'ma keep rockin' till the party sleeps, yuuuup!
Work hard and I play hard
Only thing I won't play is the race card
What you worried 'bout my poker face for?
Takin' charge, the goals ain't as far
As they seem, I have a dream that the sentences spoke
On my records stay embedded in your memory, hope
That when I'm gone, you're still hearin' my songs
In your arms and your heart, that's where I belong and I'm...

"So glad, so glad, so glad, so I'm glad
So glad to be back in your arms
It's great to be here (great to be here)
It's great to be here in your arms
Back where I belong..."
Track Name: Street Chalk Sweet Talk
Ooh girl your silhouette make me want a cigarette
On point, legit, correct...why ain't I hit it yet?
They all just rookies with the pussy and I been a vet
I'll kiss ya neck, you'll drip with sweat, now all of ya lips are wet
Uh...and I don't mean no disrespect
I'm honestly interested in your intellect
But also your hips and breasts, we're sippin' Becks and hittin' sess
Admit it, let's just be real and skip to sex
Or wait, foreplay's one of my fortes
Put the Whopper on her, have it your way
And she love the meat, she's no vegetarian
I'ma beat that kitty up, call the veterinarian
Baby, don't be scared of him but better get prepared for him
No comparison, get her wetter than aquariums
Neck, ear lobe, shoulders
Made a puddle I'ma put my coat over
Who's the idiot that said chivalry is dead?
Hold the door and your hair while you give a lil...heh...
But you cannot catch me, I am Mr. Gingerbread
With that sugar daddy dick, leave ya twitchin' in the bed
So you can call this sweet talk
But honey, this is worth it, no cheap talk
And I'm a giant, now climb up on this bean stalk
You know I'ma kill it so you better get the street chalk
And the caution tape, now your neighbor's all awake
Woke 'em with your moanin', call my name, I'll make your body ache
You the real deal, I'd never call ya fake
Angelic face, I'ma never let ya fall from grace
But sorry babe, I gotta shake
'Cause I ain't tryna see no fuckin' condom break
And I ain't tryna put no plastic couple on a cake
We go on a date, fornicate, then maybe I'll call ya, late

(intentionally terrible singing part)
You know what I wanna dooooooooooooooooo
Do you wanna do it tooooooooooooooooooo?
I got her hotter than the fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
But when we're done I'm still bluuuuuuue...

Cut this shit...
Track Name: Boomerangels ft. Blackwolf, Joel Venom & Nick Nemesis
(hook - John Legend)
"I got the world in my hands, the master plan
But I don't know why I keep callin'
Why I keep...
All of these girls at my shows, they lovin' me
But I don't know why I keep callin'
Why I keep callin' you..."

"All the models to the floor right now
All the models to the floor right now
What? Huh?
All the models to the floor right now
All the models to the floor right now"

It's that nerdy wolf rapper all the girlies wanna get with
Tryin' to knock down the tower we erected
And I got the selection but I'd rather be nested
Now I'm infected when I used to be blessed with
Girls see me body's one they wanna get in bed with
But I'm reflectin' on the times you left neglected
Stealin' my thoughts like this, you shoulda been arrested
But my love for you, I just can't stop confessin'
And towards the world, I still got this aggression
It took my princess and left me rejected
Left me with nothing but its little lessons
Stressin', contemplating all these idle threats when
All I want is to stop calling, just to pretend
Just put the phone down, admit it's the end
But the message is written...a victim to friends
Tongue bitten till then and I've already pressed "send"


(Joel Venom)
I'm out of my mind, quite clouded at times
Pain stricken, avoid it from writing down all my lines
It was a malenous ride, a path I wouldn't travel on
Nah, I never ruled the Hammurabi, she would babble on
Trifling as it sits, I ball up tight like a cyst
And keep my third eye open to see life is a bitch
Along for the ride in her lane as a chauffeur
Has you actin' like an animal, you claim you know her
The rate at which she drank of course had given us a scare
Always had some glasses like her vision was impaired
So I had the master plan and took flight before we ethered
I might keep score and I got something to stand for like a bleacher

(Nick Nemesis)
Tough topic, I know I gotta stop it
'Cause every time we dance, your hand's in my pocket
What a coincidence, what you think I'm ignorant?
You're so inconsiderate, overwhelmed in your selfishness
Bitch please, I fold every time you get on your knees
Addicted to the sickest of disease
I keep callin', I dunno why it's so awkward
It's awful, I dunno why I keep drawin'
Picasso, impossible, I just need to stop it though
This ain't Twitter, so I know you won't follow
Since you lack respect, I press eject
And when I end the call watch your life disconnect



World in my palm, girls on my arm
But I can't stop thinkin' how it hurts that you're gone
Can't ignore that, so I choose
to fill the void with orgasms and booze
It's passion I lose, left with the naked, faceless
frames that's layin' adjacent
Actresses on mattresses
pretend to be impressed with me and my fake "celebrity"
Need to practice the shit I'm preachin'
Screamin', but won't actually give a reason
I can feel the inner demons climbin' out me
Tellin' you your friends are lyin' 'bout me
You been able to find truth in fables
but curiosity's proven fatal
And even when I lose my halo
she keeps comin' back, my boomerangel

Boomerangel, boomerangel
Keeps comin' back, my boomerangel (4x)


I'm sorry for the things I said
Kept takin' when I should give instead
Sucked dry, the living dead
And she won't come back once her wings have spread
I'm sorry for the things I said
Kept takin' when I should give instead
Sucked dry, the living dead
And she won't come back once her wings have spread.
Track Name: Win For Losing
"How ya been, Voss?" Never better
'Bout to paper cut my wrist with this rejection letter
To add to the stack of the rest lyin' beneath me
Believe me, shoulda used this degree as T.P.
Tellin' me I'm just lucky I went
I might as well have burnt every buck that I spent
'Cause this piece of paper won't come up with the rent
This piece of paper left me stuck with this debt
So...fuck it, I vent on these songs that you're playin'
A layman takin' any shit job that'll pay him
Gig to gig, can only stand 'em for a while
Supervisor's super wild, snappin' at me like a child
What?!? I know he ain't talkin' to me!
The only muhfucka here with a college degree
Man, I'm 'bout to...not do a thing
And go home to my throne as disappointment's king

(hook 2x) (w/Beck)
"Sooooooooy un perdedor
I'm a loser baby so why don't ya kill me?"

When I was a kid, I was the best at what I did
Made grades like straight A's with tests up on the fridge
Fast forward to reality, the skepticism fits
I see what it amounted to, guess it wasn't shit
A grown man-child livin' in daydreams
Can't fit in these lame scenes, the indie or mainstream
He hung himself with his own mic cord
Like "what I got this life for?" Feelin' quite bored
It's like war tryna figure out our future, we
Can join the work community or chase our passion fruitlessly
Seems like a lose/lose to me
So here's what'll be written in my eulogy

(hook 2x)

Wait a minute...
Now I know what y'all sayin'
With how art's payin', I'ma live in a box, prayin' for starvation
That and I'm stupid 'cause my Bachelor's is useless
But that don't change the fact I'ma do this
So fuck your cubicle and fuck what I can do for you
Callin' me a loser, who the fuck you think you're spewin' to?
Keep it movin', dude, I'ma keep it musical
This is what I choose to do and truthfully it's beautiful
The chase is the hustler's thrill
So I'ma die with a fat smile stuck to my grill
And I don't care if you believe it
"Things are gonna change, I can feel it."
Track Name: Work Ethics
You can say my promotion is shameless
Long as you know what my name is
It's my life, I ain't goin' to change it
But I know it will keep growin' in stages
Ain't like I hope to be famous
Just live off what I wrote on these pages
To be honest, this game is a sea of the anonymous
And we float in the same ship
So until my boat sails
I'ma keep it movin', tell myself I won't fail
This is what I'm doin' and I do it so well
Without a silver spoon or coat tails
Now you don't know me, homie, so please don't pretend we're friendly
There ain't nothin' you told me that I haven't heard already
So call it bitter, call it jaded, even call it envy
I call it gettin' ready for the odds that's stacked against me

(hook 2x) (w/Santigold)
"I can say I hope it will be worth what I give up"
And I'll give it all, yup!
"If I could stand up mean for the things that I believe"
Sweat and cry and bleed

Tryna keep even and in symmetry
But ain't much to believe in in this industry
Art's been rearranged by the rats
And changed to a cash cow leechin' off our dignity
Suit and ties run the numbers game
Truth and lies all become the same
You or I? Which one's to blame?
Choose to die or succumb to fame, now
Survival of the fittest: in this business, it's no secret
If you must take my plate to eat, well then my friend, so be it
But this my soul, so keep the product placement, I don't need it
When I'm gone, this is comin' with me so that I won’t leave it
Uh...and all I believe is the heart on this sleeve, this art and this dream

(hook 2x)

Honesty, confidence
The willingness to learn
Discretion, tenacity
Keep your word, be strict and firm
Patience, fearlessness
Building with each thing you earn
And all I believe is the heart on this sleeve, this art and this dream

All I believe is the heart on this sleeve, this art and this dream (4x)

Work ethics...