3 Courses - A Preview

by Voss




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released December 25, 2015

all tracks mixed by Ron Swerdon at Birthday Bot Studios
all lyrics by Voss



all rights reserved


Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more

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Track Name: $ilverback$
Word to Biggie, gimme the loot
in the Garden of Eden, growing from evil roots
I'ma teach the youth to stack it till it reach the roof
talkin' money till that shit appears like it was Beetlejuice
WOO! Get it by any means necessary
forever be legendary till the cemetary
no love like I never seen February
How I'm livin', I might never see heaven, very
careful to watch the shit that I say when I vent
like when my mama ask how I keep paying the rent
"you done so much, son, why ain't you content?"
the day I'm satisfied will be the day I repent, never
it's been a minute since my last confessional
only faithful to the digits and decimals
and all I got is my word and my testicles
if life a bitch, I'll make her put this dick up on a pedestal

(hook 2x)
Silverbacks countin' greenbacks
in the jungle where the beasts at
we don't want it, bitch we need that
Silverbacks countin' greenbacks

got the satisfaction of Mick Jagger
but they just give me props, like that shit matters
keep it 100, what are y'all thinkin'?
pay me respect, but Aretha is the wrong Franklin
I need that cold hard cash
that this frostbitten world made my cold heart match
then I'ma add it to my bogard stash
and count it all with my girl, with her Mozart ass
masterpiece, I'm puttin' that to sleep, kill the pussycat deceased
tryna see the bracket of my tax increase
call me a sell out? then get the hell out
say I'm gassed? that's just fuel to the fire you shelled out
pump, pump, pump, pump me up!
I'ma turn that money tree into a money stump
makin' paper while both of my green thumbs is up
y'all be doin' too much, but I ain't done enough...yet

(hook 2x)

concrete jungle full of silverbacks
beatin' on our chest like "where the scrilla at?"
we just tryna stack a million racks
lump sum that'll make a nun kill for that
rap money, trap money
good, bad, ugly, we just gettin' that money
get a little hungry, everybody act funny
they say that life a bitch, well I'ma make her ass love me

(hook 4x)
Track Name: Afterparty
(hook 2x)
You were not who I thought you would be
"You were not who I thought", you said to me

too hot, I'm not chillin'
ain't a live show that I'm not killin'
they tell me "slow down", but I'm not willin'
bottom shelf liquor, but I'm feelin' top billin'
Now let's throw back shots
honey from the front row like a mascot
say I got a gift, so what's up with that box?
all that I can think about is givin' back shots
and I swear I will, devil in a tight dress and a pair of heels
and my stare could kill
lookin' at me liek you know it isn't fair, but still
I'll fuck you like I'm gon' be dying in the morning
all you did was look into my eyes when I'm performing
but don't get attached 'cause girl, you gon' get hurt
and I just take my ass on home and see a girl I don't deserve
yeah, another one of those types
you should already fuckin' know, right?
but nobody wants a cold night
my mask won't come off, but your clothes might
yeah, your clothes might, if this go right
then your clothes might, if this go right
nobody wants a cold night, nah, you don't want a cold night
you should say no, right? but it feels so right


man, you hear what this bitch is sayin'?
she wants it now, she isn't playin'
what's in this? wow, this shit's amazing
different behaviors I been displaying
got friends locked up, can't tell the reason
cold heart and I felt it freezin'
inside, I'm yellin', screamin'
and asking myself why the hell I'm breathin'
but enough about me, what about you?
like I could give a fuck about you
tomorrow, I ain't gon' remember nothing 'bout you
speak false words that are comin' out true
not like you ain't lying, though
to get that number inside your phone
it ain't me you want ridin' home
you just tryna bone my microphone
yeah, I'll be that trophy
but I can't have no Dianas doin' me dirty
when I leave, you're lonely
thinking "I never thought being truthful could hurt me"
yeah, yeah, me either
dove right in, I thought you'd be deeper
but you're so shallow
bloodsucker with no shadow
faded off liquor and high off the ooo-wee
and you fittin' the definition of "groupie"
I am not acting and this ain't a movie
and I'll use you up before you get to use me
and now you call me good and evil in the same breath
I just call you "baby" 'cause I haven't learned your name yet
I miss my folks, I miss my homies, miss my only love
she pressed up on me like "don't pretend you don't know what's up"
yeah, another one of those types
I should already fuckin' know, right?
but nobody wants a cold night
so I took her right there under the strobe light
under the strobe light, right there under the strobe light
yeah I know right? right there under the strobe light
I should say no, right? yeah, I should already know, right?
but felt so right, turned my whole life to a cold night

You were not...

(bridge 2x)
after the show, it's the afterparty, then
after the party, it's a hotel lobby, then
after your body, there ain't nothin' else
and how can I trust you if I can't trust myself, girl?
Track Name: The Story
I know it might sound odd
but all of us are Michael and Lucifer
I hear 'em say they found God
I still feel like I'm losin' her
I'm no sinner, no saint
nah, just a citizen of purgatory
what it is, what it ain't
you decide after you heard my story

4 in the morning, still awake
feel the weight from the pressure of fulfilling fate
cut the grass, killed the snakes
only the real relate, this foundation wasn't built to break
still ain't crack, ain't crumble
no, I couldn't stay humble, it's not 'cause I ain't want to
but this game is lethal so my ego had became my shield
making my life a movie and there ain't a sequel
I'm not aging, I'm growin'
tell the culture I'ma pay what I owe 'em
how can y'all deny signs that my greatness is showin'
like when my mama say she proud of me, her face isn't glowin', huh?
it ain't surprising y'all are patronizing
shit, I might do the same if the buzz in my name was dying
get off my island, no way I ain't survivin'
knew this was a masterpiece before the paint was dryin'
watch Michael turn to Michelangelo
Vossquiat, know this art is my passion, so
they tryna catch me if they can, like I'm DiCaprio
living in a dream, but it's nothing like I imagined, though
in reality, I don't do much dreamin'
I don't much sleepin', just keepin' my promise
to be honest with you till I'm done breathin'
best believe I'm not leavin', all I need is one reason

(mama speaks)

Yeah, I just tell you how I'm livin', right?
and then you tell me if I did it right
Yeah, I just tell you how I'm livin', right?
and then you tell me if I did it right
and then you tell me if I did it...

6 in the morning, open eyelids
alone and silent, I won't deny that
every issue I got, I feel like I'm supposed to write it
bottle next to me, I feel the pressure of my own vices
they say addicts use just to kill their fear
fear...something that's unfamiliar here
fear...something I ain't got time for
when I solve a problem, I feel like I just find more
my favorite girl asked why I'm 'fraid of commitment
when she the only one that's been stayin' consistent
and how she hates that these bitches always maker her suspicious
I just tell her "baby, you're different"
shit...I ain't got the answers, what if heaven does?
it's enough to make me join the 27 Club
talkin' with Joplin, learning lessons from Hendrix
if Cobain had no fame, is that how it would have ended?
now I'm the one that's askin' questions
some of 'em the same ones I had since adolescence
remaining patient, but never apprehensive
movin' to the future, separate the past and present
I know my fate, although I haven't met it
came in as a child, but I'm leavin' as a legend
and the story will last forever, dog
but y'all can hear about it in the epilogue

(poppa speaks)


I'm just here to tell the story before somebody tells it for me
I'm just here to tell the story...