Down The Bully

by Voss

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this EP was written and recorded from mid 2010 thru early 2011. finally ready to be yours.

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released July 29, 2012

entirely produced and mixed by Has-Lo
recorded in Has-Lo's basement with a sock on the mic
mastered by St/Mic

Soulless Crackhead appears courtesy of U-A-Asshole Entertainment



all rights reserved


Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more


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Track Name: Pro Choice (intro)
See, I could give a fuck about a Rolls Royce
and you can miss me with that Gucci, Louie, Fendi, Prada, platinum and gold noise
Just let me speak my piece till I got no voice
Create it then I kill it, yeah I'm pro choice
dope boys, I ain't hatin', get your paper
what's the difference between a dealer and entertainer?
Start confusing imitators with the innovators
realize they're the same game, just with different players
Everybody talks now and listens later
so I'm puttin' in the labor 'cause nobody did me favors
Kickin' it in Philly, like I'm Mr. Akers
spit shit you can relate to although we got different neighbors
I need me a genie for my hopes like Aladdin
Got a Jasmine on her back soon as I open the Magnum ain't funny, kill the jokin' and laughin'
More focused on my craft then what clothing's in fashion
Hear 'em boastin' and braggin' bout the hoes that they smashin'
Phony assassins rappin' bout the toes that they taggin'
Stop talkin' me some action
My whole squad cold like I rolled with Alaskans
Inuit constituents, glimpsin' at the grimaces
might tell you what turned the innocence to bitterness
the sky ain't limitless, can't nobody sell me dreams
keep my train of thought on track, runnin' on self-esteem.
Track Name: Just Rhymin' With Voss
Alright, Has made the canvas, now Voss takes advantage
Fuck around, we'll bite your head off...preying mantis
Where's your lady's panties? Gone, made 'em vanish
then told that ho to go make a sandwich
Ah, there I go, actin' misogynistic
I gotta quit it 'cause hatred for women is nonexistent
How could I hate what I give so much pleasure?
They writin' love letters tellin' me there's none better
I make it hotter than a snug sweater
but I won't take her home dog, you can come get her
like "clean up on aisle 3!"
but hurry up homie, 'cause I'm tryna sleep
Went inside her deep but protected from the ovaries
I can't be on Maury while they testin' and exposin' me
That's not my bag...wrong groceries
Fuck I'm s'posed to be? Make my eggs overeaaaaasy
kill it so discreetly
Ask my mama if you don't believe me
She'll tell ya that that boy good
Slick talkin' muah, I don't think that boy should
'cause this lanky goofy lookin' peckerwood
gon' probably get more respect in that boy hood
So yeah I'm skinny, but the verse on Creatine
Rap's Steve McQueen, plottin' an evil scheme
More potential than you even seen
To get on my level, you gon' need to beam
up Scotty, dumb cocky, so since you mad
you probably think I'm gassed like I was eatin' beans
C'mon now, please stop
I'm a giant Jack, get off of my beanstalk
Fee-fi-fo-fum, geez I go dumb
Who the fuck can beat I? No-one

No equal people, no soulmate
Haters sayin' that them words don't hold weight?
Hear 'em talkin' dirty...get some Colgate
or Orbit before you get your soul ate
or Eclipsed by this genius thesis
please get off of my....................clean whip
thought you're predict? ENH, wrong!
I ain't one of these rappers makin' "eeeh" songs
My diversity stretch long
What, you thought you'd put the king in check, pawns?
Doubt it, they ain't got the talent
Just a buncha noodles, call 'em pasta salad
Competition, I'm not about it
Fuck a free battle, you can rhyme to Voss' phallus
Grindin' till I got a palace
Never off balance, spittin' like a llama's mouth is
Mind's gone...already lost and found it
tryna keep track when all these thoughts surround it
Relax and peep the funky bass line
as it paired with some muhfuckin' great rhymes
you don't like it and you wanna hate? fine
I could care less if what you bumpin' ain't mine
But c' could ya not love it?
Bar for bar, I ate kids...octuplets
No bully but I'll rock ya snot bucket
Put my fist in ya face like a sock puppet
Lemme stop...fuck it, lemme go again
So explosive when I hold the pen
BOOM! Tough actin' Tinactin
Y'all criticize the game I play, y'all actin' like Madden
Get off the nutsack that I'm grabbin'
Take it serious? Fuck that, I'm just rappin'...
Track Name: Continental Breakfast
Voss is gettin' reckless
eatin' eggheads in a continental breakfast
'cause they are not authentic, guess it's
like they rock a silver necklace, claimin' it's platinum
Aim at your faction so steadily
With no effort he sounds so heavenly
Each verse I make: pearly gates specialty
These rappers wanna .38 special me
I'll never be no chump nor victim
that's forbidden, my fans are morticians
They study what I killed, straight gore spittin'
Think not? You're trippin' better double knot your laces
to run in Voss' races 'cause I keep it movin' like Forrest when he busted off his braces
Face it, y'all might be good...but you're not the greatest
That's me...

Rockin' this Lo shit like there's a horse on it
Fuck a shining star, I'm a full force comet
Too much for ya to ignore, stop it
or I'ma shove it down your throat till it force vomit
Bulimic, opinion? Keep it
I didn't need it, say it's weak shit? You're lyin'
Denyin' this elephant that's comin' in your room
is like a chick claimin' celibate with something in her womb my dust
Not too many people who can keep my trust
So, see I just keep tightenin' my circle
'cause jealous squares who inside of it can hurt you
Break that bond like it was faberge, that's the way
these bastards play you...but I'm like Cassius Clay
Stick and move, seen it comin' early like a matinee
Kill it till I pass away, no matter where my ashes lay
Bury me with my book...bury me with my book...

So what you wantin'? For me to get wanton
stompin' beats till my art's macabre? Then get a coffin
Better than your top ten 'cause I'm not them
Voss pens ill shit and he'll spit hot phlegm
Nurses don't know what it's a symptom of
But when I'm in they office I be gettin' love
I think it was DJ Quik
who told me MGD was a dope way to get a buzz
so I'm doin' that...or is this Amstel?
Oh damn well, dog I can't tell
Gamin' a chick named Chantel
Next thing, both our pants fell, now she's sendin' fan mail
One handsome devil like I ran Hell
But I keep shit cool like fan belt
You frustrated by this verse's lack of focus?
Could it be that I'm being too braggadocious?
Or could it be I have opponents that hear my raps get quoted
and are mad that they hadn't wrote it?
No question who can rap the dopest
Turn superstars to Average Joe Bagadonuts
Tiger style, this cat's ferocious
Every verse is a magnum opus
You could break my shit down and divide the lines
but these guys still can't equal half the quotient
I'm nice if you haven't noticed...
Track Name: Leopard Print
and as the club dies down
he's lookin' for a woman who will fuck right now
Like wow! this turned into paradise
Very nice, hopin' he can bag a pair of dykes
So many broads...what is this, a brothel?
Maybe liquor goggles made his vision awful
but basically, he found bravery in a bottle
now all he care about is if she spit or swallow
Been a minute since he hit the skins
Ever since he kicked out that bitch that lived with him
Good riddance! Now it's single life fo' sho'
Hit the bathroom 'cause he needs a line of blow
Heard last call, do believe it's time to go
and time to find a ho, eenie meenie miney mo
Walks out, eyes buggin', dick swingin'
Lookin' for a drunken chick he can bring with 'em
Then he felt that pair of eyes on him
and he saw that matchin' pair of titties and that fine bottom
like "damn, is this pretty lady stalkin' me?
Devil in a short dress tryna Sadie Hawkins me?"
Invitation accepted, he waltz over
Can tell by the way that she sweat him she's not sober
He's too confident for sweet talkin'
He could take her to bed while he's sleep walkin'
Still approach it like a perfect gentleman
compliment her dress and the matching purse's leopard skin
Oooh...and them stems got 'em sayin' "grrr"
He wanna pet the cat till it make her purr
Use his fingers to get her ready till her kitten is wet
Picture her next to him, drippin' in sweat
Neither one of 'em will live with regret
if she can just forgive and forget
with no commitments attached
once she give him the snatch then he's ditchin' her ass
Speaking of ass, body so curvaceous
flirtatious, gotta see her naked
but he can't smash out yet
at least get her name for a background check
Peep her Facebook, look at the snapshots
What if she got a hairier pussy than Sasquatch?
But goodness that ass hot, it's beggin' for backshots
Got him all excited like a sentence in caps lock
No time for playin' tonight
Besides, he probably ain't able to type
Fuck her number, like a plumber, gotta lay 'em some pipe
Her hair did, nails done and her face lookin' right
Talkin' bout the ink on her inner thigh
But all he can think about is how to get inside
He asked her what she thought of him and gets surprised
felt hypnotized when he saw them sexy lips reply:
"I was getting hornier by the minute just starin' at you"
Like "damn is this true?"
said "know what I wanna do?" she's like "me?"
Grabbed his hand and they snuck into the VIP
Now he's marchin' to the beat of this girl's drum
like the whole world hung from her pearl tongue
Damn...he usually do safe sex
but fuck the latex, the mood is at its apex
What a way to let his stress off
Happened so fast, she ain't even take that leopard dress off
and right there in the back of the club
a hit and run turned into makin' passionate love
Before he know it, he's about to bust inside and
prayed that when she said she on the pill she wasn't lyin'
Wait! Shit, it's too late, finished
Pussy so good that he had to lay in it
Collapsin' on her stomach, relaxin'
then he heard somethin' like laughin'
gigglin' and chucklin', the yay and liquor fucked with him
Looked back down and she disappeared from under him
He rubbed his eyes, can it be
she was a figment of a drunk and high fantasy?
What he thought was an after-party stroke
turned his wasted ass into half the party's joke
without a shred of doubt, and now his friends shout
"Get ya dick out of that leopard print couch!"
Track Name: Find Peace
He said "I can't do this...
please don't treat me like a Judas
I know I made decisions that were foolish
and you ain't clueless, but the truth is
it takes two to tango, baby
comin' at me from all angles, ain't we
supposed to learn to talk this out?
I'm walkin' out, ain't nothin' to talk about
this falling out ain't premeditated
but this argument been perpetuated
I'm becoming annoyed, used to hear love in your voice
but now instead, it's hatred
opposites attract, but we demonstrated
when the feeling's deflated, you're not gon' get it back
our thoughts could get intact one day, perhaps
if we get our heads right, we can make it last
but now, we need to take our paths
separate as present fades to past
the mistake I have made, I paid for that
it ain't like I'm makin' a trade for that
I'll never forget the memories left
in this shrapnel, but I can't be the king of your castle."
Then he kissed her on the forehead
turned towards the door and said:

(hook 2x)
"This ain't a blame thing
It's a just don't feel the same thing
it's a done playin' all the games thing
I just hope you find peace, peace..."

She said "I can't do this...
either way, one of us loses
guilt's eatin' us up something ruthless
but you knew this, and the truth is
I can't stay when the trust left
from this love nest to find lust next
oh, let me was just sex?
now what's best is you riding in the sunset?
This ain't a blame thing, it's a shame thing
it's a both of us feelin' the pain thing
it's a feelin' like I'm trying and you ain't thing
not an "I wanna take your last name" thing
but what if those promises became rings?
remember when we'd listen to the rain sing?
remember the first time we said the words?
now you actin' like it's something that you never heard?
I'm not mad I'm scared
I never had your savoir faire
I haven't cared about someone like this
in my whole life since any others can't compare
so I'll be here hopin' still
I won't ask you to remember this, I know you will."
Then she kissed him on the forehead
turned towards the door and said:

"This ain't a blame thing..."

I'm sorry.
Track Name: Vanity Plates
Here in the flesh with beer on his breath
keep tryna do right but life's steerin' me left
ain't found a theory for the conspiracy yet
but I'ma mix these herbs' blood with my tears and my sweat
pirouette around the snares with rare sheer finesse
sleepers feel regret that they didn't hear 'em yet
got these Wright brothers mad at a Leer jet
speed breakin' peers' necks, tellin' me to fear vets?
Fuck a veteran, I oughta be respectin' 'em
when he's just another old fossil that I'm better than?
It's funny that how I choose to dress
got these dummies starin' at me like I grew some breasts
Who's the best? as if you should guess, none of these fools can test
Hungry for the capital...Budapest
No way that the movement is stoppin'
as if you couldn't tell from all the clues that I'm droppin'
time to make a play, I'm usin' my options
spittin' to the rhythm of opportunity knockin'
optimist or pessimist? I meet in the middle
stand tall through the years of being belittled
almost bit my tongue off keepin' it civil
while these jerkoffs say I'm speakin' in riddles
I ain't explainin' what I'm sayin' to the laymans
start breakin' down my statements now and earn your education
you don't like it only 'cause you gotta work for it
pick any type of feeling, bet I got a verse for it
the beat's sick, I'm just makin' it worse for it
sorry Has, you gon' have to call a hearse for it
killin' it...yeeain't findin' survivors
the rap game's Wilder and Pryor
brother and a gringo from the Dos Uno Cinco
white Marvin with the bars and black Ringo with the cymbals
peep how the lingo match the tempo
linin' up, plain and simple like a winning game of bingo
or Connect 4, perfect score
ain't 2 other muthafuckas who deserve it more
I'm biggin' Has-Lo up till Has blow up
diss him we got beef bitch...taco trucks
Voss go nuts, almonds and cashews
macadamias, all 'cause I have to
So there's a method to the madness
betterin' my status, no impression of me's average
they either hate me or love me
it's ironic that the haters catch vapors 'cause they ain't gonna touch me
Internet opinions? ain't interested in 'em
I could be the second coming and these pricks'll never listen
You can't see what I offer ya?
quit starin' at the monitor, that shit affects your vision
"With that stiff voice you'll never make hits, boy!"
So? I put Grammys in the same league as Kid's Choice
you feel good talkin' bout my vocal tone
I'ma feel good makin' tour buses mobile homes
gettin' cheddar...stackin' up the provolone
till my muhfuckin' tax bracket is in Oprah's zone
I'm jokin' homie, the dollar don't control me
but I gotta bring the bacon home, no baloney
and sip success, the sweetest nectar
nevertheless, I'm tryna keep together
whatever's the best, I'm tryna be even better
need some pleasure from a woman lookin' like Regina Spektor
or Rosario Dawson, the bars are so awesome
never stretched, Voss is no Dhalsim
they ask what I'm so arrogant for
can't aim for the moon if I stare at the floor
whatever ammo you've got, I'm carryin' more
preparin' for war...what's the comparisons for?
I'm me...they got a fill-in-the-blank style
I'm lappin' marathons and they still on they 8th mile
There's a different between influenced and bitin'
you ain't doin' it right if it ain't new and excitin'
creative henchmen that stay inventin'
genuine dope, keep hope and make connections
the most social loner, like a rolling stoner
get to the gig on time but I ain't goin' sober
and I better get my dough from the show promoter
or I'll tell his wife to blow my boner when I motorboat her
yeah...and that's the type of shit I'm on
see these clowns gettin' on when I know I'm doper
try to hold composure when you got no exposure
and all you got was fuckin' props when the show was over
I know I sound cynical and jaded
but this the way we'll still be thinkin' when we make it
the Has-Lo and Voss Show, tune in
brainstorm brewin', hope you brought yo' poncho
turn puddles to lakes, makin' what we wanna make
and if we fail, that's a risk we gonna take
and if you catchin' Z's, that'd be a dumb mistake
actually a travesty, catch up, I ain't gonna wait
evolved beyond this planet of apes
at a faster pace than the rats that ran in this race
never needed nobody to handle my weight
or guarantees you can share with me man, 'cause I'm straight
keep a close eye on the hands that I shake
discretion is a blessin' and family trait
believe in hard work, not that what happens is fate
now follow these words like they vanity plates.
Track Name: Time Capsule
I wrote this on New Year's Day
Didn't bother with a resolution
I always know what to say
But I struggle with the execution
Mistakes that I failed to learn from
got me tryin' to repair the bridges
over a trail of burnt ones
I'd take it all back this very instant
But everything happens for a reason
at least that's what the fortune cookies say
Head-on battling the demons
'cause I wasn't raised to look away
Swallow my pride
Chase it with honesty
Insecurities bottled inside
That makes the dichotomy
How stupid could I possibly be?
Lookin' at the toll that my lies took
This music's more honest than me
So when I pour out my soul, it's like I cry "wolf"
Wanna turn over a new loose-leaf
rather than run from what I can't avoid
They say they wanna hear the truth speak
but I heard it doesn't make a noise

(hook 2x)
Would it be different
if I could go back and revisit?
No regrets, relive it
The future only got the chance we give it

They say the ones that love you the most
are the same ones you can hurt the most
I feel I'm already becoming a ghost
Tryin' to get my act together 'fore the curtains close
I ain't livin' in sin
but I'm far from a saint
Them experiences thickened my skin
Calloused hands on the portrait I paint
No mortgage, kids or a wife
See how long I can flee reality
Can't afford to be missing my life
before these vices squeeze it out of me
Sad clown doin' bad things
or just a good dude gettin' aggravated?
Got a cap, gown and a class ring
but I still never graduated
Haven't made it even close to contentment
Opportunities I take like a bandit
My close friends hold in resentment
They feel they've been taken for granted
So I know this gon' take a while
but from chaos comes a new order
and every time I can make 'em smile
I'm reminded to move forward.