The Book Of Michael, Chapter 1: Reign Maker

by Voss

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The Book is opened.

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released January 26, 2014

all lyrics by Voss
recorded, mixed & mastered at Birthday Bot Studios in Philadelphia, PA



all rights reserved


Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more


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Track Name: Tarantino
Once I gave a fuck and then I ran out
Mama, look at your little man now
I gotta give 'em somethin' that they can't doubt
If you ain't puttin' food in mine then shut ya damn mouth
Can't count how many times I thought that I mighta been down for it
'bout to quit, cried me a river full of doubt and shit, coulda drowned in it
But that ain't real, see I found that it was counterfeit
They say I'm big-headed, guess I need to get a crown that fits
Women from the past mad they can't have him
I just look at all these fairweather fans laughin'
Killin' these transactions, fillin' this bandwagon
Snakes tryna get on board, I feel like Sam Jackson
Get off my muhfuckin' plane
Say that it's part of the game, that's a muhfuckin' shame
Friends and foes become the same, that's why I ain't want the fame
But once it came, I can't escape my muhfuckin' name, damn...

And now I'm doin' what I'm doin'
Demons in my rearview, hopin' I can lose 'em
I been makin' different choices but I sure know how to choose 'em
I ain't too good at losin', killin' everything movin'
Tarantino (hey)
Tarantino (hey)
Do 'em like how one of his scenes go
They say this Pulp Fiction's an illusion
I treat it like Tarantino, killin' everything movin'

Can't hold me back, they face change when they know he rap
That's just how these hoes react, all askin' bout my zodiac
and she say she an Aries...I say I'm a realist
Only trust the eyes I see and the hands that I feel with
Boy, that's a thin line that you walkin' on
That angel coulda been a devil all along
Once these women catch you slippin' and you fall, you're gone
Suffocated by the pillow you was talkin' on
Withdrew my trust, on all accounts, it was overdrawn
My talk is short, my strokes are long, and I act like I don't know I'm wrong
But these women still holdin' on, hopin' that we can develop but it won't be long
til the negatives gettin' exposed, I'm gone, they just wanna be the reason why I wrote a song
Guess they hope to live forever
tryna thaw somethin' out that's as cold as winter weather
but you know the kid'll never let anyone do that willingly
you feelin' me? Reservoir Dog on a killing spree

Track Name: Ghost Town
I invented nothin'
I took what they created and I made it better, cousin
by being myself while the rest succumbin'
to the urge of impressin' someone, they pretendin', frontin'
and bluffin' like they steady thuggin' when they jelly muffins
Sweet, when that heat rise they done left the oven
That's offensive to my bredrin strugglin'
I'm the machete cuttin' every shred of stuffin' out these Teddy Ruxpins
Less discussion, more action
They fake as forced laughin' or whores' orgasms
Stomp 'em til the floor crackin'
Throw them pipsqueaks up shit's creek, ain't even toss an oar at 'em
Better learn to doggie paddle, boy
The beast's cage has gotten rattled, boy
Can't knock the Lone Ranger off his saddle, boy
Before it started you already lost the battle, boy

(hook 2x)
Whoa now, better slow your role down
Speech so deep it'll make ya soul drown
I'm on the throne now, rockin' a gold crown
Only real one left up in this ghost town

Never believed in superstition
Wasn't in my genes to have a true religion
But my past got me thinkin' of the crucifixion
I guess every great man gotta have a Judas with 'em
No honor, they abused the system
Scornin' Jordan when they shoulda been a crew of Pippens
Now how they do is sick'nin', I need a new prescription
to cure me from the fakes who hate to see a loser winnin'
This is a new edition...I felt like Bobby Brown, see
'cause those who made poison was all around me
Some of my buddies livin' like Doug Funny
and some of my buddies livin' off drug money
Some of 'em might try to pull out the rug from me
but some never will, they'd shed or spill blood for me
and that there's mutual, boy
Touch one of 'em and then it's your funeral, boy

(hook 2x)

Go ahead with that weak shit
My life a movie and yeeain't even the key grip
or an extra...extra, read this:
I make that white rock, but ain't a cheap trick
I tell 'em "eat dick" I tell 'em "please get
out my grillpiece with that 'no I in team' shit"
because there's one in "king" so tell them suckas bring
their sucka ass on, kneel down and suck the ring
Take a look at just what I became
Incinerate a bridge and wait until nothing remains
Watch it burn, light a blunt with the flames
Believe that shit is fire, I ain't preachin' to the choir
Now someone testify and recognize, look into a legend's eyes
Never try testin' I, it's genocide, guess who dies and who's left alive?
They gon' know now, no doubt boy
Only one left, I hold down the ghost town, boy

(hook 2x)
Track Name: Denied
Bring the ruckus, I don't know what enough is
but I want this...supreme how I roll, so Cutlass
Success is justice but yet left me loveless
that crown on your head could be what you get crushed with
or them thorns'll give you scars, homie
Side effect of when you born to be a star, homie
But for now bring me more of them cigars, homie
My seat is on the throne, yours is at the bar, lonely
with a half empty glass of bitter defeat
I'm eatin' my piece of the pie and that victory sweet
Used to play the humble role, forgive my deceit
but the strong gotta survive, we more fit than the weak
A beast's heart in a skinny physique
loved by kids in the street, misfits and the freaks before hittin' my peak
Time is expensive, reminiscing is cheap
so until my mission's complete, let my history speak

(hook - Kim Jong Ill & Voss)
Ooooooooooooooh, oh no
That's what I tell 'em when they want somethin'
but ain't done nothin', then we can't discuss nothin'
Ooooooooooooooh, oh no
Yeah that's my answer when they askin'
if I look into the future and I'm scared of what can happen

Earnin' money just for burnin' money
It's on my person, then it ain't no other person's money
Y'all gon' keep buyin' bullshit or start learnin' from me?
Can't take it witcha but the Lord ain't gon' return your money
Tryna get back the dollars you spent?
Sorry buddy, but all that I can offer's two cents
It's just pathetic, how much acceptance you bums need?
Floss so hard it make ya fuckin' gums bleed
In the strip club, throwin' racks is a waste
I never spent nothin' to get a rack in my face
Ain't pay a dime for the dimes in my bed, it's true
They wanna know my trick, I tell 'em "I never do"
and double what I'm spendin', I'm investin'
Not a teacher, I'm a senior, no more lessons for the freshman
'cause honestly...I hope y'all never gonna stop it
Go ahead and make it rain pimpin', I'ma flood my pockets


They ain't heard me, I'll tell 'em again
so they never forget, make 'em elephant men
Gettin' wealth from a pen
but if the day comes where I ain't dope...guess I'm sellin' it then
Would rather hustle grams then work for another man
I'm sorry Mama, I hope one day you can understand
I'm too well rounded for a cubicle
I guess wearin' that tie wasn't suitable
Leadin' an unstable lifestyle
but these women still attracted though
She reach across the table for a Lifestyles
I said "what, you ain't got no Magnums ho?"
Now hold up, I don't mean no disrespect
You know what? My momma taught me better, baby
but hold up, think I'm a sucker? Incorrect
Wanna pick my brain? Gimme some and educate me

(hook 2x)
Track Name: Berzerker
No-Doz popper, dope show rocker
No Voss'll never ever trust no copper
Bartender give me OJ with no vodka?
Then he'll get a screwdriver in his throat, patna
Gotcha...Phillips or flathead?
Animal cruelty how I'm killin' these cats dead
Eat 'em up like Asian stereotypes
but I will beat a muthafuckin' racist's head with a mic
String 'em up by his white sheet
Tell the fuckin' prick "suck a dick...we all got white skeet"
See I speak the gospel of the sinner
Never spoiled, only thing that's rotten is my liver
Jack for breakfast, Johnny is for dinner
Better offer me some liquor for your thoughts to be considered
Voss has been a winner since my body been delivered
Peep the precious lessons that I taught to the beginners
They don't hear me? Fuck 'em, I'm just talkin' to the listeners
Out to get the money like I'm gone until November
This could not be any simpler, I'll lay it out for ya
Rappers frustrated, just hatin' my aura
You diss? I'll ignore ya...we won't battle
This is V-O, asshole...he don't have to
Pop ya airhead 'cause your ego's fragile
Feel ya stomach fill with dust as you see me go past you

(hook 2x)
Type of shit to make ya try to get away with murder

I never had a job I gave a fuck about
My pursuit to happiness is on another route
You got a boss tryna stomp what you're in love with out?
Then punch 'em in they fuckin' mouth
It's funny how if anybody get between
me and my dream then I'ma put THEM to sleep
It's something that you shouldn't do, homie
They tryna throw shots but I'm Bullet Tooth Tony
Yeah, meaning I snatch 'em in my molars
I only take shots when I don't wanna be sober
Furry white beast, yeeain't colder than this polar
My saliva fine wine, as I get older I get doper
and I known I been grown for nearly half my life
Mentally, my level be higher than satellites
Get left if you ain't actin' right
Makin' you a sacrifice to satisfy this appetite that hasn't died
Hoes pass my pipe around like it's full of kush
A man on the edge is who you shouldn't push
Ballers downplayin' like my foundation woulda shook
Even the dumbest can run shit...look at Bush
Livin' like a boss and I ain't a worker
Just Michael Voss, the greatest you never heard of
Say I took it to the limit then I'll take it further
Feel like I could get away with murder, Berzerker

(hook 2x)
Track Name: All Hail
Crown the Pharaoh, dodging Cupid's arrows
Stride too wide for me to walk the straight and narrow
Born to not be normal 'cause it's boring to be careful
Never wear no wack apparel, I'm killin' em, smokin' barrel
Opposite of a them birds flock
Hottest under the sun, I'm runnin' the third rock
Let them nerds talk, hatred's related to greatness
A legend gonna create it then peasants gonna debate it
Pay no mind to the vibe killers
Cold knife in your back, that's a spine chiller
and if your bitch Bad, well then mine's Thriller
Ass is off the wall so I laugh at all of y'all
And she dangerous, never gave a fuck what you think of us
She always down with her ankles up, so fly, so wet, that's angeldust
WOO! Smokin'...strokin' got her open
Soakin' in her ocean, rollin' off that potion
That elixir is a mixture that's so muthafuckin' potent
I can't even hear her moanin', she just came and I ain't notice
Said she felt like she exploded, now she want spankin' and chokin'
I told her to shut her mouth, only body language is spoken
Ssshhh...hush feel that rush, baby?
Maybe I'm just crazy but you act like yeeain't been fucked lately
She just told me "never like that"
Man I swear I lost it, I might never get my mind back, fuck it

(hook 4x)
All hail!
All hail!
All hail!
We succeeded where y'all failed

Just who the fuck you think you speakin' with?
I be the shit, you just a piece of it
I seen ya chick, she wanna meet the clique?
Well we just hit then told her "peace" and split
All hail, all hail, we succeeded where y'all
We fuckin' cheetahs, they all snails, we crush 'em easy, they all frail
They ain't on our level, guess that's why they tellin' tall tales
Only speak the realest shit, y'all feel this shit like it's all Braille
Can't turn no blind eye to the truth
See when I rhyme in the booth, it's like drive bys and I shoot
like "BLAOW BLAOW! BANG BANG! POW POW! Can't hit me!"
Get caught in that line of fire, your homies screamin' "Rickyyyyy!"
Plant ya ass against the a wallflower
We run this shit from dusk to dawn, that's all hours, fuck y'all cowards
This here what you call power, I don't know what you heard
but when he comin' thru they gon' be only sayin' two words

(hook 4x)
Track Name: Apocalypse Wow
We could die tomorrow, all this time is borrowed
so make it rain liquor, time to drown your sorrows
You're soaked in sweat and cold Moet, no regrets
One day we'll be gone but baby it ain't over yet
Now dance like nobody watchin' yo' ass
Treat you like I'm ballin'...yeah I'm LeBron'in' yo' ass
25 sittin' on 25 hunnit
But I'm still in the buildin' throwin' money like "fuck it"
Well, doin' whatever tickles my fancy
Treatin' every city we in like it's Miami
Got a sweet tooth, look at all this eye candy
I'm tryna leave with a pack of y'all (Pacquiao) like I'm Manny
Knockouts, I thank they mama for blessin' 'em
But sshhh, don't tell her I been undressin' 'em
Anything goes in this new millennium
We live a life they can't imagine til they John Lennon 'em
Until they John Lennon 'em
We light it up in this bitch, Tom Edison
I said until they John Lennon 'em
We light it up in this bitch, Tom Edison

(hook 2x)
Now let's party like it's 1999
It's the end of the world, I feel fine
Now let's party like it's 2012
Goin' nuts and breakin' outta your shell

Heeeeeeeeeeey! We're livin' it up and it's awesome
Start givin' it up and applaudin'
Man givin' a fuck is exhaustin'
Ain't nobody stoppin' til we all in a coffin'
Party like it's '99, yeah the Prince era
Ay I swear I never felt better since ever
Party like you believe in what the Mayans said
but baby all that fear is just inside your head
Now tell me whatcha scurred of?
Don't just sit there like a vegetable, we gotta turn up
Get it poppin' bitch like it's the apocalypse
Sinnin' with these women, livin' like there ain't no consequence
We ain't invincible, at least not in the physical
It's critical to make all of your issues invisible
We at the pinnacle and it's a celebration
Makin' Heaven on earth even if Hell is waitin'

(hook 2x)

All the mistakes from your past forgiven
Here's to good liquor and classy women
and all the good times that we havin' with 'em
The best ones often from a bad decision
Now we don't know the meaning of life
We just know that we believe in it, right?
So til we seein' the light, shit we might see it tonight
We gon' be treatin' this life like we'll be leavin' tonight

(Bernadette DeSimone)
The room's turnin', the world's burnin'
The roof is on fire
and when it's all over all we know is
we can't get much higher