The Book Of Michael, Chapter 2: Hunger Pains

by Voss

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The Book continues.

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released July 22, 2014

all lyrics by Voss
recorded, mixed & mastered at Birthday Bot Studios in Philadelphia, PA



all rights reserved


Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more


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Track Name: Another Struggle Song
and they say "ain't nobody tryna hear about your struggle
you ain't the only one that's tryna get up out the jungle
braggin' bout your hustle then complaining bout your troubles"
say I'm cryin' them a river then I watch em drown in puddles
broke out the huddle...the playmaker
cuttin' down what's in the way just to make paper
yeah I got supporters and nah, I don't hate haters
but I'm always feelin' a dollar shorter and day later
still place wagers on my own success
got me facin' a combination of hope and stress
heart burnin', make me hold my chest
gotta start learnin' from the folks who know me best
becoming a listener, once I was bitter but
it's a fact you attract more with honey than vinegar
let em think shit is sweet
them boys can't mimic me since my feet movin' to a different beat

and yeah I'm doin' this for me
just as much as I'm doin' it for you
open your ears, eyes, mind and you'll see that it's true
said yeah I'm doin' this for me
just as much as I'm doin' it for you
ain't quittin' ever, if we in this together
then consider this the letter I'ma leave you with forever

Me and this business got a love/hate
I bit my tongue until I knew just how my blood taste
My whip filled with water with me in it, open the floodgates
but I turned that to crushed grapes
just chase them goals til you deserve to have em
thoughts turned to action, blood, sweat, no tears, I revert to laughin'
trained verse assassin, murkin' tracks but ain't make enough noise...Roberta Flack em
do my own promotion, work is overloadin'
have an emotional show, then never show emotion
these worries formin' boulders and these shoulders hold em
though I'm hopin' they can put em down before they both are broken
is this concept not unique enough?
trends movin' too quick and I ain't keepin' up?
are these still waters not runnin' deep enough?
I'll kill that ignorance and leave fingerprints on each beat I touch


And this is just another struggle song
but there's a piece in every piece that I write
so if talkin' bout my struggle's wrong
then put the cuffs on and read me my rights
like: I have the right to relate to you
I have the right to take a dream and make it true
and I got that right because I'm able to
so you goddamn right that's what I came to do

Track Name: Cloud Nine
Oh high, I'm in orbit
chillin' up top where the lord sits, where the weather and the women are gorgeous
so fly...allow me to paint you a portrait
that angel with me so pretty, type of beauty you born with
no Maybelline, this ain't a dream, well of course it was before this
the weight on my shoulders enormous, to lift it I need a forklift
what's important, I endured it...take my life and record it
soldiers up in my fortress, all fresh to death, we corpses
they offering new endorsements in every city the tour hits
ain't no point to ignore this, just forfeit and support this
if they don't, won't force it, just forgive the ignorance
if it comin' from his mouth, ain't worried bout that horseshit
new lifestyle, adopted it like orphans
go to Benjamins from Georges, to Porsches from a Taurus
that's just how my life's goin', let me know how yours is
gravity I got bored with, took off and ain't touched the floor since

now it's about time
tell em mind they business homie, I'm about mine
it's been workin' out fine, make my momma proud, I'm
liftin' off...4, 3, 2, 1, cloud nine!
cloud nine, muthafucka, cloud nine
tell em mind they business homie, I'm about mine
just look how far we come, liftin' off like...
4, 3, 2, 1

just look how far we come
and we ain't hardly done, they say "boy you are the one"
and I can't help but agree
say they can't tell that it's me like "damn you changed", evidently
you don't see that they only thing that changed is your perception
it's nothin' personal, I move in a vertical direction
right past ya...only doin' it because I have ta
feel like I'm workin' for NASA, wanna scream it from the rafters
like "cloud nine muthafucka, cloud nine!"
the sun look at me like "son, I'm sick of bein' outshined"
b-b-bumpin' some Nasir, turn up the Alpine
and when he ask "whose world is this?" I proudly shout "mine!"
honestly it's my property, this belong to me, that's how it gotta be
workin' like a crazy person, "check his psychology"
but I'm perfectly sane, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
nah wait, you heard of the name, never gon' look at this earth the same


this rollercoaster isn't close to over
smokin' doja, formin' clouds that got that dope aroma
ain't close to sober, I'm just tryna do a show with Hova
envy's a hell of a drug, I'm tellin' these scrubs "don't let it overdose ya"
losers get bitter, winners get smarter
with success comes stress, winning gets harder
can't just hop up off the bench and become a starter
you wanna see a money tree? you best become a farmer
and grow that shit from the grassroots
that's true, the words I spit permanent, yeah they tattooed
feelin' blessed, achoo! that respect is past due
you'll pass who? nah dude, that glass ceiling I crashed thru
makin' em believe but it's not pretend, only the beginning, this is not the end
competition wishin' I would drop the pen, will he keep shittin' on em? it all depends
so high up I need some oxygen
right now we on the ninth cloud, the next stop is ten
Track Name: Laugh Track
Ain't nobody laughin' but they talkin' funny
makin' lobster offers with some Rahmen money
city full of wolves, you know they awful hungry
I guess Philadelphia ain't always sunny
but fuck local, I can't take a sabbatical
til I'm at least national, havin' shows all across the country
you ain't gotta love me, my momma love me and my poppa love me
got me thinkin' life is not as ugly
as I once thought at face value
you only get back what it takes out you
if they doubt you, fuck it use it as fuel
never let em see you sweatin' or losin' your cool
what a king look like if he duel with a fool
tryna get up on his level by usin' a stool?
shit, they could get a giant ladder
it ain't really like it matters when you just reply with laughter, still

(hook 2x)
they ask "why so serious?
don't you think that this shit hilarious?"
but I ain't listenin' to the laugh tracks
that's that, make sure that I'ma have the last laugh

I guess I need a better sense of humor
Common used to love her but these losers never knew her
man, where did all of the art go?
when this turn into crime dramas and car shows?
they saw The Wire, now liars thought that they Marlo
or Chris Partlow but a fraud is all that they are, though
but I ain't complainin' my man
keep the soapbox, I ain't takin' a stand
just unfoldin' each phase of the plan
my time I pay in advance in hopes of makin' some fans
I put my links in that chain of command
cost an arm and a leg when I gave em a hand
and in return I never even gave em a damn
see em poppin' bubbly now, guess they pain was a sham
good one, but sometimes it needs to happen
to keep themselves sane, they just tryna keep em laughin' like...

(hook 2x)

One foot underground, other dipped in the mainstream
fools play each other like they ain't on the same team
chasin' the same dream, buildin' the same steam
redefine "real" til they forget what the name means
now wait'll ya hear the punchline
just wait'll ya hear the punchline
indie or commercial, signed or unsigned
we all drinkin' that Kool-Aid, get in the punch line
Track Name: Crooked Letters
when the question they ask is
"what are you afraid of?" I tell em straight up "my reflection and taxes"
was scared of death when I thought it never happens
then I got them rosy lenses smashed and copped some better glasses
now hindsight's 20/20
smilin' just to keep from cryin'...ain't nothin' funny
in this land of milk and honey on a quest for love and money
those who don't give either always seem to want em from me
blame ya failures on the economy
like that's reason you sleepin' in mediocrity
my genes had promised me that I'd be a prodigy
transcribe one man's rhymes and read the prophecy
make sure every single one of these words are clear
speakin' with wisdom's tongue, listen up with learning ears
and if you're doin' that well then I'll persevere
but if not, kick rocks kid, I'm workin' here

(hook 2x)
and now this voice got a name
V-O-double crooked letter
fuck what you heard, this is not the same
if you don't see it, start lookin' better

I used to bump The Coup nightly
a high school whitey tryna be like Boots Riley
a kid like that these days ain't too likely
the youth's psyche's more concerned with new Nikes
I give a fuck if your bezzle's presidential
focused on the individual, I'm existential
and when I hear em talk shit that's detrimental
I just see a buncha pots that's tryna offend a kettle
but I'd rather be abhorred than to be ignored
what's winning? what's losing? who's keepin' score?
I'm a beast at war, fuck you, I need this more
leave any feelings sore, yeah homie, even yours
you keep it real? I ain't really sure
probably real like astrology and Ouji boards
or CB4...I'm real as the sweat comin' out my leaking pores
what you never seen before.
Track Name: David Beckham
Can I kick it?

You ain't bout what I'm bout
lame, keep my name out of your mouth
I made my clout out of your doubt
see they used to diss, now these losers wish that I was shoutin' em out
T'ha! never gonna happen, I'm incredible at rappin'
have a lookie rookie, there's a veteran in action
if you ask me your daddy shoulda just rubbed you out and then left you in a napkin
boy, for that feel? yeah I went there
never been scared of hittin' the bottom cuz I got friends there
in my city I keep it 100, to be frank, I'm like Ben there
and I seen be real, who the hell cares if I'm sent there?
I'll just let that muthafucka burn
when will these suckas learn it's my muthafuckin' turn?
tell these rejects that respect is what I earned
what you hearin' is serious/Sirius, I feel like Howard fuckin' Stern
cuz your lady friend wants my private parts
you cowards be lyin', y'all better find your heart
see I'ma travel down that yellow brick road
til I'm gettin' every bit of what I felt I been owed
make 'em notice now, I hold it down on ten toes
while these fools is half steppin', disrespectin' rap legends
your shit is truly booty, against me you ass bettin'
play Pokemon with them hoes, I caught em all, that's Ash Ketchum
who better than I? that's my last question
sexin' spicy women, that's why I'm winnin', V-O the rap Beckham

(hook 2x)
David Beckham, David Beckham
who wanna play against him?
David Beckham, David Beckham
when he kick that shit, you don't wanna play against him

down pouring sweat for the reign maker
born great, became greater, we ain't from the same manger
I poly with god bodies, we ain't got the same neighbors
my salvation is within me, we ain't got the same savior
hoes is hopin' that the holy spirit might touch him
I turn into a wolf when the night's comin'
they nightclubbin' tryna find the right husband
ya man just tryna give this cock-tail to a white Russian
or maybe some brown, maybe tequila, maybe a shot of saki
fold her like origami, dive in, I'm kamikaze
BOOM...I ain't your average bar crawler
said she only likes dudes with tattoos, still left my mark on her
David Beckham, David Beckham
when he kick that game, you don't wanna play against him
David Beckham, David Beckham
got that blue steel, that's my favorite weapon
pretty boy...this life is ugly though
but I love her so, gotta make it last, fuck her slow
trust me though, I'm bout my bread, my cheese, that fuckin' dough
I don't play with them bills...bitch we ain't in Buffalo
they wanna know what I rock this gold for
and what both of my shoulders so cold for
tell em cover they mouth like they got a cold sore
tongue between your broad's thighs, I suggest you hold yours
better yet, bite time, you're never invited
round you, she ain't ever excited, yeah she fly and bet I'm the pilot
can't ya see me flyin' over you?
when I kick this shit I'm winnin' cuz that's what I was s'posed to do

(hook 2x)

Bend it like Beckham, bend it like Beckham
throw her over the sofa and told her "bend it like Beckam"
Bend it like Beckham, bend it like Beckham
throw her over the sofa, you know I bend it like Beckham
Track Name: Shark Pit
Legendary or temporary
what you gonna be when you dead and buried?
me, I'll be cremated
I came in how I'll leave, face it...I even sleep naked
and when I bite the dust, when I eat pavement
they all can't say shit like they G-rated
looseleaf pages, all I keep sacred
love someone too much and it can breed hatred
make em hold you back from achieving greatness
tryna raise the roof but can't leave the basement
BLAOW! wake up and smell the gunpowder
what you thought, it was rainbows and sunflowers?
it can taste so sweet til it becomes sour
they need clarity but they want power
like "we cater to good pussy and green paper
you can't get either, player? then we'll see ya later"

(hook 2x)
the world is a vampire
and we're runnin' outta garlic
dangerous to dive into the darkness
heartless, they can smell ya blood up in the shark pit

no work and no play makes Jack jack you
throwin' what you call "bad apples" back at you
ain't no good bad & the ugly
you either eatin' good or strugglin' to put scraps in your tummy
truth hurts, honesty's lethal
used to have trust, you forgot it in people
when they broke your social scene, sayin' "sorry" but you don't believe em cuz the apology's see-thru
some damn squatters robbed my grandfather
parasites dared to bite the hand that man offered
so when they ask to show compassion, no, I can't bother
hurt one of mine and get your whole fam slaughtered
fight fire with a blowtorch
just remember them embers can leave your soul scorched
this earth cold til we watch it burn slow
and when it melts, all that's left is yourself

(hook 2x)

is this a movie scene or a lucid dream?
they compounding fallacies with some truth between
wait, slow it down like you mixed the juice with lean
or you can take an L in the night and lose your queen
now what's gwan with my pawns?
make your move at dusk and be gone by the dawn
better keep your mates in check
but watch your back too hard and you'll break your neck
now...this is for my people livin' in a paradox
and who dare to not be scared of cops
to the punk rocks rockin' a pair of Docs
to those who tuck rocks in a pair of socks
whoa, now brother, let your problems go
sister, drop your load of issues like "Geronimo"
whether you swallowin' that bottle whole
or you got em rolled up in an Optimo, homie lemme holla though

(hook 2x)
Track Name: The Believers
This is for my family
for soldiers at war with tragedy
for my people too poor to afford their fantasies
I will kill it for y'all till they can't ignore the casualties
this ain't for a salary
this is every emotion in your humanity
this is that feeling on the brink before insanity
hanging over my head like the sword of Damacles
and it's me settin' a fire with the torch they handed me
respected by the rejected
the outcasts' leader, elected by the neglected
so each verse like presidential addresses
my pedigree is the freshest, my energy's effervescent
electric, impeccable and majestic
every sentence incredible cuz I said it
impressive, excellence in its essence
but don't mistake a perfectionist for pretentious
just know I'm progressin' with every lesson
can't waste a second on settlin' in depression
remember when I had never been in a session?
now when I'm dead I'll leave the legacy of a legend
if they can't show love for what I stand fo'
in my art til I'm departed like I was Van Gogh
then fam know, I'd rather cut off my ear
than hear em tell me I should stop it here, cheers

(hook 2x)
We are the believers, we are the believers
to the teachers, street preachers and dreamers
toast to the believers

alright, I ain't no muthafuckin' martyr
a lotta things I did, I wish that I done em smarter
but what held me back only got me comin' harder
celebratin', gettin' faded with no muthafuckin' barber
I'm on a higher level, they can't take me off it
livin' every moment like I'm watching Haley's comet
became a prophet while tryna make a profit
inflate my pockets without sleepin' so I'm stayin' conscious
never seen a genius without inner demons
livin' breathin' feelings switchin' with different seasons
moods swing through spring, summer, fall and winter
when they say "we got your back" you know they all against ya
and them trust issues fuck with you
can't none of them relate to what you done been through
right? well I know how you're feelin'
they tryna raise the roof but we broke out the ceiling, sayin'

(2nd hook)
We are the believers, we are the believers
to the teachers, street preachers and dreamers
toast to the believers
We are the believers, we are the believers
now listen to the choir sing
if they gettin' a piece, we need the whole entire thing

let's have a toast to what matters most
may your spirit be free before they catch your ghost
to unpolished diamonds with perfect flaws
who knew to listen once they heard the call
to the teachers and street preachers not afraid to be leaders
only following dreams...cheers to the believers

(hook - repeat to fade out)