The Book Of Michael, Chapter 3: Heavy Is The Head

by Voss

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The last chapter in the trilogy.

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released February 17, 2015

all lyrics by Voss
recorded, mixed & mastered by Ron Swerdon at Birthday Bot Studios in Philadelphia, PA



all rights reserved


Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more


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Track Name: Power Drunk
He's got a date with death, watch the angel gettin' beautified
His shoes are shined, suit is fly and his noose is tied
They found him dead on arrival, the cause: suicide
That boy had poisoned himself, swallowing foolish pride

The beast has gotten loose
Just a freebird flyin' off the Goose
And these hoes so thirsty, I feel like I got the juice
That pussy talkin' to me, I'm feelin' like Dr. Seuss
But the honest truth...that money talkin' louder
This life a bad bitch, homie I'm all about her
All this sour, can you smell me? I'm devouring this Belvy
Broads is proud of me, they tell me; put this power in her belly I'm praying that she won't be late
I gotta go create, I ain't tryna procreate
Ain't prepared for no heir to the throne
I am so fly, in the air is my home
Why would you try to compare me to clones?
Shine like my mind from Sierra Leone
I guess the diamond's out the rough now
All these muthafuckas' bubbles bout to bust, POW
Me and my team mean, stompin' out these punks now
They said to swallow our pride, we power drunk now

(hook 2x)
Power drunk...power drunk
Swallowed our pride and got power drunk
Oh you thought it would stop? Guess you outta luck
Power drunk, now we all power drunk

Now they got the nerve to wonder why
I ate the chip on my shoulder but skipped the humble pie
Stomach rumblin', honey's onion make me wanna cry
And if fresh is to death then I might fuckin' die
Bravo and applause for this ensemble
I'm at the condo with a combo of Nelly Furtados
They like a bird to me, preferably a swallow
I lead and let 'em follow, a genius whose chest is hollow
They dream of being a model who swim in streams of Moscato
G.M.F.B. is the motto, so baby kill the convo
Cuz I ain't listenin'
Little head underwater, that's baptismin', I call that a Christianing
Say I'm actin' different? No I'm not son
Think this ain't got no substance, you must be on some
Now quit tryna murder my vibe
You a coward without power, that's how I learned to survive

(hook 2x)

And then somebody offered me molly
and it just made me remember how you forgot me
Don't deny it, you said you wanted to try it
and spend the entire night with me inside of your body
Fast forward to when you told me to lose your number
Like I'm some stupid sucker, that was the cruelest summer
You discovered that we never really knew each other
and so I lose another lover once the truth uncovered
Now what is this, my punishment?
I had to hear about that coward you was fuckin' with
I'm done with this petty shit, the questions you left me with
Thought that was my friend but it was just all for your benefit
Listen...only my kissin' got you drippin'
I had you on the roof and on your dining room table too
Now I bet you wishin' shit was different
Cuz none of 'em will ever make you feel how I was able to
Cuz we know them muhfuckas ain't me so
they can't fuck you like me, no...they ain't the one and I'm Neo
While you go home and show 'em all the tricks you learned from VO
I'll be sippin' vinot, hittin' a trio of B-A-D hoes
But that ain't me though, I'm trippin' over my ego
See my scars, Pacino...and I know they killin' me slow
I need no pity, that ain't what you can give me
Just give me one more taste and get your ass out of my city
and then I'll disregard ya...the chink up in my armor
I guess that all you were was just a product of my karma
I'm your dirty little secret, but you could never keep it
and just because I want it doesn't mean I'll ever need it

It doesn't mean I'll ever need it
and you gon' always think of me no matter who you sleep with
I'm your dirty little secret, but you could never keep it
and just because I want it doesn't mean I'll ever need it.
Track Name: Smallest Violin
White girl in the green room
Goin' numb just to heal wounds
I said "c'mon, there's somewhere I gotta be soon
on stage fuckin' it up like I was Keith Moon"
She said "who?" ...exactly
Classy and trashy, "want some?" she asked me
I don't fuck with nasal, that stuff is fatal
She said "so is your Black Label on the fuckin' table!"
So unstable when you snortin' coke
Next to a newspaper with your horoscope
Did it tell you to slow down before you're broke?
Tryna fix problems when you can't afford to cope?
Sorry, I know I ain't your papi
even though when you on top of me that's always what you call me
Naughty...need a punishment
Come and get some of this before you take another sniff
She lovin' it...bitch dumb as shit
Bet she ain't even know V-O double is my government
Then I remember I'd forgotten hers
Can't give her memory that she do not deserve
Not misogyny, it's honesty
No apologies for being how I gotta be
I'm probably I'm not
So get me off and get off, you know I got a show to rock

(hook 2x)
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, bitch you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, bitch you'll never know me

Anyone who really understands me
should win a muthafuckin' Grammy
And I mean that truly cuz
if they really listen, they work as hard as the music does
These cleft notes are sweat soaked
New "friends" quote words my pen wrote
Honey get so hot, made her breath smoke
Got her wet, dove in her chest, that's a breast stroke
Never without a life jacket
I can't offer stability until my life has it
My friend had said "you should check your head"
My childhood heroes starting to end up dead
And homeboy, that crushed me
Pour out a little brass monkey
That's OE with the OJ
Already got a belly full of Rose
That'll make it okay or make it all go away
Though we say we miss 'em, we ain't livin' in the old days
The only direction to take
is forward, can't keep regrettin' mistakes
But, tell me...where do I begin?
At this pity party y'all invited in
I sample the smallest violin
and fit it in the rhythm that I'm rhymin' in

(hook 4x)
I don't know me, I don't know me
I don't know me, I might never know me
I don't know me, I don't know me
I don't know me, I might never know me

(It's gotta get better...I can't do this forever
I said it's gotta get better...I can't do this forever)
Track Name: Highlander
Pardon my perfection
I'm aware that it sounds arrogant, that's part of my profession
Pardon my aggression, it's just part of my progression
I'm an artist, I'm a legend, I'm a Spartan, I'm a weapon
like BANG...mass destruction on a rap production
These pussies got it backwards, how these cats are frontin'?
Huh? Givin' opinions, I ain't ask for nothin'
End of that discussion, now I have to smash and crush 'em
Wrecking ball, full speed ahead, gonna level y'all
Wanna stop me? Instead I recommend that y'all
don't get involved, not in my house, I Dikembe y'all
Am I offendin' y'all? Hustle from the cholesterol
Don't pretend at all to be a friend of y'all, straight to hell where I send 'em all
I'll turn your show to my festival, turn your ho to my biggest fan
I tapped that twice like Instagram while you was on vacation...trippin' man
They say it the same, I'm different fam
Won't stay in a lane, I switch it fam
They say that I changed but I been the man
I'm just in demand now, listen DAMN

There can only be one
There can only be one
There can only be one
Y'all got me started, y'all walking targets
now do you know what you done?
I said there can only be one (ONE)
There can only be one (ONE)
There can only be one (ONE)
There can only be one (ONE)
There can only be one (ONE)
There can only be one (ONE)
Y'all got me started, y'all walking targets
now do you know what you done?

Pardon my obsession
But I have to make these accolades a part of my collection
Once they are in my possession, thank my lucky stars I get em
Nah, pardon me, correction: only star's in my reflection
In the 215, it's do or die
If you don't choose to ride, it's suicide
You get euthanized, crucified, eulogized
Only a few survive, now I guess it's truly time
for the takeover, break's over
Wait, no I ain't never took one, that ain't kosher
This ugly game needs a makeover, I blaze doja
in a J rolled with your payola, I'm straight Jack, you grape soda
One shot of that, you ain't sober, I'm Range Rover runnin' lames over
Say "hola" to the bad guy, black ties
black suits and black shoes on cats who attack I
Did you ask why? Cuz I said so, yes ho, that's why
And if life's a bitch then I'm wife the bitch
and then Ike the bitch and give her black eyes, like what...


Who wan' tangle with Michael the archangel?
Horns peekin' over my halo, I'm unstable
Got a Madonna hot as a sauna grabbin' her ankles
The devil wan' tango, see my pendulum dangle
My conscious stuck in the middle with you
I worship nobody, play second fiddle for who?
They'll never listen to truth, I'll never listen to fools
Knowin' that I am golden, I'll never listen to rules
They only concerned with shinin', forever missing the jewels
Poppa done made a titan, I never been fit to lose
See these fuckin' Nikes? You will never fit in these shoes
Never know what it's like to have nothing given to you
Breakin' bread with my bredrin, that's benefits for my crew
You lyin' if you say our success isn't overdue
Got holes in my wings, rememberin' when I flew
Now I'm sippin' liquor, sinnin' with jezebels in the nude
My first book of rhymes, that was Genesis and it's true
You can never be the best cuz I'm better at this than you
Shoutin' it unabashedly, doubtin' it would be blasphemy
Whether we send 'em to hell or heaven, they can ask for me.
Track Name: No Return
Keep my liquor cold, keep a Swisher rolled
Then let Mary lift my soul, gravity is gettin' old
She hangin' dirty laundry on a stripper pole
We in the same movie, we just playing different roles
Lights, camera, action, how's your story gettin' told?
Think you missed your cue but really you just missin' clothes
But don't you worry baby, cuz my lips are closed
We vomitin' confidence and we pissin' gold
Numb to embarrassment, ain't scared of shit, she cherishin' this arrogance
It ain't careless if I'm aware of it, nothin' compares to this
Blowin' up...terrorist, grabbed my hand so hard she could tear my wrist
Spent four months' rent on a pair of tits, we done left that age of Aquarius and we'll...

Keep my pulse steady, my conscience grown heavy
I let it all tempt me, shoulda known it already
They say it makes you feel good but it's all deadly
So much pressure that it mighta broke my thoughts' levee
And when I fall into that heavenly sleep
I pray that those who never even met me will weep
Now you can call that self entitlement or call it self enlightenment
Drinkin' out the same bottle that I held the lightning in
So even when I'm faded I'ma shine brighter, sparkin' up a J with a lime lighter
Rhyme writer, dime piper, ain't a muhfucka you can find nicer
You pine riders shouldn't ever start me
Now I'm gone, go head and send a search party
But I'ma...

Keep my people safe, evil deeds erased
They on a crooked path, I wanna keep 'em straight
Hypnotized by the eye upon that needle's face
Force feed 'em faith til they forget how lethal tastes
Nah, don't subject 'em, that depression's an infection
Keep your blessings, you can count them with your imperfections
No suggestions or questions, don't judge me or my bredrin
If you do then get to steppin', your perception needs correction
And that's so heard Voss, you don't know Michael
I ain't never read no Bible, scriptures written in an old spiral
Distant friends, close rivals...both liable
to make you the one that they gon' lie to
So run away to where they won't find you and won't try to, then...
Track Name: Nowhere To Hyde
Another bottle, my motto is "why not?"
Took five shots, feelin' like the white Pac
Tunnel vision cuz I'm livin' like a cyclops
Hide pain behind shades and eyedrops
My eyes locked with a pretty little sly fox
She said "come to my spot and hit my spot"
Sex my nine cocked
Hittin' angelic women up in that sky box
I watch through the view of a bird's eye
Livin' like I never knew the word "die"
On the first try, if you ain't succeed
choose who to use to get the thing you need
Shorty tellin' me to planet a seed
Your earth fertile girl, but I can't be growin' family trees
Can't you see? I can barely handle me
Just take this deep till you can barely breathe
She havin' fantasies of pictures on the mantelpiece
I told her "I can't be your muthafuckin' man so peace"

(hook 2x)
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
from what you become when he comes outside

Babydoll, who you fuckin' with?
To be honest I promise you don't want none of this
I can turn the loveliest to the ugliest
Succubus, stealin' your innocence once we kiss
I'll make you famous, then make you faceless
and an addict cuz my habits are contagious
Bright aura and a dark soul
Like the fire forming from the charcoal
You tell me to respect myself
And I should check myself 'fore I wreck my health
But I'ma dead myself to protect myself
I'm just tryna die so I can resurrect myself
But nah...I'm having too much fun livin'
To feast with the wolves you gotta run with 'em
Leave blood drippin' as the proof it's
hard to survive if you don't get a little ruthless
Only one option to settle on
Can't hide from Hyde now that Jeckyl's gone

(hook 2x)
Track Name: Visit
I'm writing this in the morning
Around the same time that it happened
They're saying that it came without warning
I wish somebody woulda took action
and that somebody coulda been me
Selfish to be thinking how it would affect me
Heart full of hope, now it's looking empty
That enslaved soul is what I coulda set free
I coulda listened better
instead of waiting for my turn to speak
Now this guilt gonna live forever
You know I can't just turn my cheek
Now I'm writing this verse to keep you a little bit of company in that cell
They sayin' that you lost your mind but you ain't never been a loser, just a king that fell
In that hell with the walking dead
Out your head, off your meds
Your daughter's gonna be just fine, physically...that's what the doctor said
and they called you a monster
but they don't fuckin' know you though
That wasn't you, it was an imposter
This ain't how life is supposed go, no

And last night I dreamt it was all a dream
Last night I dreamt it was all a dream
When I awoke I hoped it was all a dream
But this nightmare's more real than it seems

Man listen, remember all them long nights drinkin'?
All the fine women, tryna get with 'em?
Playin' beats from my car in the parking lot spittin'
Me you and Ed straight parking lot pimpin'
Remember? You remember that?
The memories and tellin' me to get 'em back
Only white boy in your hood and you respected that
Now where's this friendship at?
This brotherhood is misunderstood
The homies say I did what I could
As sure as blood flows in my veins
you an angel with dust thrown on his name
The last time we spoke
I could see that the voices talked over me
I remembered what you said about your father
and thought you could overcome it, hopefully
Nah I ain't cryin'...aight I'm lyin', trying to find an
excuse for this, I'm losin' it
Tell me why the hell did you do this shit!
So much has changed for me...
I'm just wishin' that you coulda witnessed and lived this
with me, now simply I ask your forgiveness
Dreams are the only place that I can visit


This nightmare's more real than it seems
When I awoke I hoped this was all a dream but...
Track Name: The Give and The Take
This that feeling when you feeling like the globe against ya
And you 'bout to take an L like you rolled a Swisher
Then you reminded you a winner by that gold Invicta
Yet the sould within ya has become as cold as winter
They say they believers, they just deceivers
Talkin' that "fam" I my brother's keeper?
Don't even mention a show or a fuckin' feature
if you ain't prepared to start discussing your budget either
Oh my bad, I'm sorry that I'm not
Y'all thinkin' this is just a big party but it's not
I don't give a fuck 'bout a Ferrari with a drop
unless my momma want that shit, then I ain't hardly gonna stop
til she get it. now some of my peers feeling threatened
Our friendships have ended, it's pathetic, still I feel tremendous
Cuz I don't need no clown with his smile painted
to give me fake dap as a way to disguise his hatred
So those who really supportin' me mean more to me
but any love they give comes with a warranty
I can't give it back until they go to war with me
I mean for real, I ain't speaking metaphorically
This loyalty is reserved for royalty
It ain't my fault some true friends spoiled me
My team small but our dreams tall
You can scream "fall!" but we too high to see y'all

(hook 2x)
The give and the take
This is what we call the give and the take
Accepting the lessons coming with the mistakes
This is the give and the take

I left a woman who ain't deserve to be left
Don't know if it was right or if it was worth all the stress
Old flame burning my chest, I'm just learning I guess
Now I'm cursed and I'm blessed, success turned to a mess
She saying I've become a different person
I tell her nah, but my vocal tone isn't certain
Shit been getting better then suddenly shit can worsen
I still got the same view...I just switched the curtains
I'm at a level where I'm never finished workin'
Parents saying "come home", it's like I'm a missing person
My mother's an angel, my brother's a genius
My pops is my ace and nothing is coming between us
At least that's what I thought till my career did
He said he understands though, "have a beer, kid"
But before I put that lager to my mouth, I
remember I gotta pack, I'm 'bout to fly to South By
I got reckless in Texas
My mind was lost in Austin
Comin' up I would never expect this
type of life would need problem solvin'
Temporary homies when I'm out on tour
Hotel life, spinnin' in and out revolving doors
Got some more baggage added to my luggage
Sex, money and drugs is slowly becoming numbness
But I asked for it...yeah I asked for it
I lose time, friends, lovers and cash for it
But honestly, I'd probably repeat my past for it
Every second without ever hittin' fast forward
Yes...won't stop hustlin' yet
Till that stop button's pressed and I'm gone from this mess
So at my curtain call if there's nothing I learned at all
At least I got to give these words to y'all...hope you heard 'em all.

(hook 2x)