FourWarning single

by Voss

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prod. by Steve Untytled


Lately I ain't a fuck giver
karma is a bitch and I may be stuck with her
but since I'm here I may as well be makin' bucks with her
and tryna get a threesome cuz she's Lady Luck's sister
Start prayin' for us sinners
all them losses what made us become winners
and these wack lames in this rap game become dinner
I was awesome this autumn, I'll be amazing come winter
they say I got an air of arrogance
I say us sharing the same air is embarrassin'
No comparison to peasants and paupers
with nothing to offer, best fix your posture
like "yes, Mr. Voss, sir"...competition slaughtered
your crew: Mr. Rogers, my crew: Mr. Dahmer

Old bitches tellin' people I'm something I'm not
I ain't a player baby, I was just crushin' a lot
The best you ever had, you musta forgot
You was only good when I was drunk, I had to take a couple of shots
They tell me to think strongly and act timid
stay out that bullshit but I'm back in it
beyond rap masks in black Civics
bite the hand that fed you, then you will get smacked with it
y'all cast stones from a glass home
the past shown knife wounds in my back bone
face it son, I ain't the one, I thought ya ass known
you bout to make 6 feet under the grass home
ain't in my class, zone, caliber or category
"fuck the world" since a kid, call it statutory

106 & Park, let's address the show
Interviewers need some better questions so I'll let em know
never see me sweatin' though, but after seein' me lose
children got the feelin' they could fit they feet in my shoes
Sorry Junior, but you can forget it holmes
that'd be your milestone, it was only my stepping stone
I guess it's known I took an L, sure sue me
only emcee who got the best of me was Yours Truly
wanna battle? I'ma need you first born
30 racks and to film your sister in her first porn
what, you think I don't deserve the hype?
say whaaat?!? turn your hearing aids up, y'all ain't heard me right
ain't an OG or youngin' can match the words I write
the greatest in the city is a pearly white suburbanite

It ain't my fault that you pricks amounted to nothin'
and I'm who your girlfriend wanna think about when you fuckin'
envy's an ugly bitch, almost as busted as her
Got a problem? bring it to me dog, that's what I prefer
Backhanded compliments can meet the back of my hand
If you think I'm talkin' bout you...well that's cause I am
so you can take this literal or just as a subliminal
but say your name? that's publicity I just ain't givin' you
If I was a praying man, I'd pray that this offended you
You pussies pitiful, pitchin' pebbles at the pinnacle
I perform for the principle, and cause I was born to
Michael: fallen angel with a set of fuckin' horns too
Tell them snakes Hell's gates I'm bout to storm thru
only safe if you in Corfu, you ain't? Poor you
keep my throne polished, make sure the seat is warm too
if you get in the way you never can say I didn't warn you.


released November 12, 2013
prod. by Steve Untytled



all rights reserved


Voss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Voss is often called a “veteran in a rookie’s body” for good reason with his witty style, charisma, engaging live show & unstoppable drive. He's played shows w/Mac Miller, ?uestlove, Cam’ron, Pusha T, El-P, Talib Kweli, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & more. Voss is also a BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday hall of famer. Join #TeamVO before the bandwagon is full... ... more


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